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The Source, also called Cyberspace, is a signal in Ciarn that reaches all communication devices in its vicinity.


Very little is actually known about the source and how it works, or even why it works. Its often taken for granted as some old tech from the lost past. It 'just works', and that's all most who use it care about.
Some have looked into it. Why it is, how it is, what secrets it holds. Most of these people go mad or go missing. And the ones that don't, come back with invaluable knowledge and hints from the lost past.  


You can use it to instantly communicate with anyone in Ciarn, store information, and create wondrous living art. Its fast, free, and full of secrets.   Most who use it, do so recreationally, though a whole culture has formed around the idea of it being the true reality.


Although how it got there has been hidden in the lost past, there are records of the start of Ciarn indicating that the city formed there because of the source. There was some massive catastrophe in this past, and people looking for a safe place to live noticed that their communication devices began getting odd feedback in the area. Eventually enough people gathered to investigate the source of these strange occurrences, slowly it became the grand city it is today. The Source still attracts people from all over.
Over time people began developing ways to get better contact with it, leading to many apps, programs, and devices just for exploring it.
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