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A Cyber is some one who feels time spent out of 'Cyber space' is time wasted. They feel a digital life is the next evolutionary step and embrace the cyberspace. Some have even tried to make copies of themselves in the space to carry on after they are gone. This group is the closest JauVon group to having a religion.
They have a pantheon of sorts with three godlike beings, The Source, The Consciousness, and The Infinite.  

The Pantheon

The Source

The Source is the supposed source of cyberspace, thought to be located somewhere in Ciarn.
The Source is the bringer of Cyber life and what keeps it going. It is the creator, the sustained, the existence. It is life.
Symbols for the Source usually involve crystals, crystals emanating light, or a glowing eye.  

The Consciousness


Consciousness by Lengna

The Consciousness is believed so be some one who is part of cyberspace and controls a good deal of it, hiding away history's lost treasures.
The Consciousness is the gatekeeper of the mysteries of existence and proof that life exists beyond physical death.
Symbols for the Consciousness usually involve butterflies, brains, or wire tendrils reaching out.

The Infinite


Infinity by Lengna

Also know as Death or Infinity, an enigmatic being who has contended with The Source and The Consciousness.
Infinity is the judgment of the unworthy, the finder of all truths. The ender of life, both physical and digital.
The story of the Infinite has been passed around as long as anyone can remember, becoming active in cycles.
Symbols for the Infinite usually involve horns, skulls, or a twisted band looping back on its self.
Some see the Infinite as multiple powerful beings, rather than a single entity. Some see them as a godlike hacker that has passed through the veil and become all-powerful within cyberspace. Some say they are a god birthed from the Source with the power to both give life and end it at will.

Some believe that they are all the same entity, a being that somehow created and became cyberspace.


Shared customary codes and values

Although most Cybers are Dejuvi and Benuvi they are one of the most tolerant of the other races. Feeling that your physical body is meaningless in Cyberspace, and that is the true reality. You can become anyone, anything, and nothing.

Average technological level

Extreme Access to The Source and ways to manipulate it. And all of CyNet.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

In cyberspace you can be whoever or whatever you want, so people tend to get wild with renaming themselves.
Some common practices include: Numbers and symbols in one's name, using ones social group for a family name, and using cyber associated words (ex. Wires, Grid, Mind, Secret, Key, Veil, etc.).

Funerary and Memorial customs

When you die all you have done stays in the system, some may collect your things in a memorial or build whole places in your honor. Though they care little for the mundane body left behind and give it no special attention, often ignoring it for someone else to deal with if possible.

Common Taboos

Cybers never refer to the world outside Cyberspace as the real world, or real life. Any cyber doing so likely isn't really a cyber at all.
They instead refer to it as the Physical or the Mundane.

Common Myths and Legends

Crossing the Veil

It is believed that both The Consciousness and The Infinite came from the Mundane originally, and have crossed wholly into Cyberspace. The difference between them being that The Consciousness gave up their physical body completely to become part of the system. While the The Infinite crosses back and forth freely when they need to enact their will upon the Mundane.
Many strive to cross into Cyberspace permanently, rising to true existence, the way The Consciousness and The Infinite have.  

Colossi and Cryolithium

To some Cybers the Colossi are mystical beings, whose blood will wash away the untrue world leaving only Cyberspace. They see Cryolithium poisoning as part of the cleansing, and often don't take the cure if exposed to it. A scant few go so far as to purposely expose others to Cryolithium poisoning.


Much like Maveric names, most Cyber names are actually user names or nicknames, or at least found their origins in them. Though Family names have little to no meaning.


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