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Basic Information


Reptile-like creatures living mainly on Vondren
  • Black sclera
  • Two legs
  • Two arms
  • Two eyes
  • Large hands
  • Large head
  • Small feet

Genetics and Reproduction

Lay Eggs
Your typical tab and slot method of sexual reproduction.
Generations of controlled population has resulted in the need for medication to reproduce.
Both Parents must take the medication. Each dose lasts half a month.

Growth Rate & Stages

They develop fast at first, then slow down. They typically reach adulthood when they stop growing at around 17-19 years old.
Most only ever reach about 3'5" in height, 3'6" is considered a bit tall, and anything 4ft and over is considered a bit freakish(though it has happened)

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fish, water based plants(seeds, flowers, roots, and leaves), water insects and insect larva, mollusks, and other invertebrates.

Biological Cycle

Ovie typically sleep and eat twice a day.
Genetic Descendants
Currently, around 100 years
Average Height
3.5ft / 106.68cm
Average Weight
17.9 kg / 39.5 lb
Average Physique
Tend to be slim and muscular, it is hard for them to keep weight on, though it can be done.

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