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Land Ovie. They live all over Vondren but are most numerous in Eacner Jredde.

Basic Information


Most charactristics are the same as Ovie with a few exeptions.


Dejuov have cyan blood, just like Dejuvi.

Scales and Scutes

They are known for thier rough, chunky, and sometimes spikey scales and scutes.


They tend to have horns, ridges, crests, or spikes. Though not all do, those without are sometimes thought to me VieBreakers, even if they are not.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

They seem attracted to personalities over looks more so than the other races.
Unlike other Ovie, they have an intense and often baffling interest in other species as well as their own. This has garnered them the label of being overly lusty as they tend to hit on more than their own kind.
They also seem more attracted to Benuov, though this could simply be a side effect of the cocky nature of the birdlike race drawing them in than any physical attributes. No one really knows, including them.
Strong, Lusty
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Currently, around 100 years
Average Height
3.5ft / 106.68cm
Average Weight
17.9 kg / 39.5 lb
Related Ethnicities

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