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Air Ovie. They live all over Vondren but are most numerous in Lord Ciwn.

Basic Information


Most charactristics are the same as Ovie with a few exeptions.


Benuov have yellow blood, just like Benuvi.


Their wings come in many shapes and sizes and grow from the back near the shoulder blades, like another set of arms. They are usually used to exaggerate and enhance expressions. They can also be used to glide or enhance jumps.

Scales and Feathers

They have scales on their legs and faces, and their feathers are just a specialized sort of scale. They come in many colors with varying patterns.


Their beaks are hard and sometimes have a thin layer of skin, much like a Chiuov's , over them. They also have small sharp teeth.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Smooth clean beaks, long well kept tail feathers, and powerful wings are typically what they find most attractive in each other.
Kept-ness of feathers is a big factor in their beauty standards.
Hot headed, Fast, Best pilots, exesive
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Currently, around 100 years
Average Height
Average Weight
17.9 kg / 39.5 lb

Cover image: Setting Cover by Lengna(Paper)


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10 Mar, 2020 23:14

Why do they have tiny feet?

11 Mar, 2020 05:24

Smartass answer: They're born that way. :p   Lore Answer: While no one knows or remembers this, they did much in the way of evolving as a species while traveling in a spaceship with no gravity. They didn't really need feet for support and at some point smaller feet came into fashion (fashion important because there wasn't much else to do on the spaceship for generations but find things to enjoy to pass the time). So over time it just sort of ended up that way.   True Answer: I think little paw feet are cute.

~Confused Soup
11 Mar, 2020 09:18

Makes sense.