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A VieBreaker, or RaceBraker, Some one who doesn't fit neatly into Ovie or Vivie, or other known Species.
A person with mixed ancestry
A person with mixed genetics
A chimera   Originally this was simply a term for someone of Mixed race, then people warped by Cryolidhium poisoning started getting lumped in, and after the horrors of the bugwar its broadened up even more.

Basic Information


With normal race mixing you will get the same as most other Vivie and Ovie, just a bit mixed in.   But with the introduction of Cryolidhium poisoning and alien experimentation, viebreakers can literally look like anything.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Any Viebreaker who decides to live in a major city (such as Ciarn, Bhcu Cuhcil and especially Lord Ciwn) will likely be used for guard work and physical labor. And usually in places where they can't be seen by passers by. If they can get work at all. Most end up HavocBreakers just to make ends meet.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Usually pushed to the HavocBreaker towns, Vullavual Laud and Aeance, or the space stations, Vida and Zavi.
pirates and theives
Average Height
Average Weight

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