Zavi Station

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A space station in orbit around Vondren.


There is a fair mix of Ovie and Vivie living on the station. It usual attracts people who enjoy preforming and excitement of the safe sort.


While the Alliance Military does protect Zavi, its mainly just to keep the Vondren Military from trying to retake the station or attack its sister station, Vida. More a deterrent than an actual threat.
Against outside forces though, such as the Qiga'tck'chi forces, the Vondren Military is its main defense.


According to what little records remain, the station was initially a giant amusement park. This past is something the people of Zavi take very seriously, although it is no longer the purpose of the station. It has long since been converted into a colony, but entertainment is still a very big deal there.

Role in the BugWar

After the Vida Colony met its destruction at the hands of the Qiga'tck'chi everyone feared what would happen to Zavi. Many wished to flee the station is search of the safety of the planets. The Vondren Military, seeing an imminent immigration crisis on their hands, was prepared to shut down all space transport other than military. Luckily, an up and coming fleet admiral proposed a different idea.
Travel was left open and people could go about business as normal, but an instinctive was given for people to stay on the station, as well as a promise of utter protection. The station was to be used as a lancing base for the Vondren Military's fleets. With many military families trading living locations with those who wished to escape during the war, to avoid unbalanced population shifts.
The most notable role acurred during the Battle for Zavi, that turne dout to be the deciding battle of the war.


Most buildings have some sort of theme or moving element that hearken back to the time when the station was purely for entertainment.
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