Alliance Military

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Once just a way for the space stations to comunicate and protect eachother, the Alliance Miliraty became instramental in fighting off the bug threat.

Public Agenda

To protect Vida Colony and Zavi Station, and keep them linked in constant comunication...   To protect the people of Jaumun and Vondren from the oncoming threat of the Bugs...   Keep Zavi Station safe, give shelter and protection to the survivers of the Vida Disaster, and keep the new peace between the planets alive.


The Alliance Military started out as the 'ZaVida Safety and Communication Force'. An orginization designed to protect the space-stations and the people living in them, as well as keeping them connected to each other with news and item delivery.   It became the Alliance military as the bug threat loomed, formed of people and resources from the both planets and space stations.   Now that the bug war is over both Vondren and Jaumun want more say in what they do. This puts a strain on thier original goal and threatens to muddle comunication.
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