Organized Courier Service Alliance

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The Organized Courier Service Alliance, or OCSA for short, is the oldest and strongest alliance between the Vondren Military, the Jaumun Federation, and the ZaVida Mutuality. Even the HavocBreakers of Vullavual Laud and Allancia have members within the organisation.


The purpose of the Organized Courier Service Alliance is to protect the people who deliver information and objects.   Postmen, data mules, smugglers, informants, military message runners. Why you're sending the information or items doesn't matter, if you're a part of OCSA, other members will protect you to the best of their ability.   Because of this, many members are a bit antagonistic against the leaders of their respective locations, due to the fact that many leaders will want to stop enemy information, smuggled goods, and the like from getting through.   This is particularly troublesome on Vondren when it comes to the pirate-related laws of the Vondren Military. The Vondren Conveyance Network, while itself being a branch of the Military, is also often at odds with the implications of these laws.

Public Agenda

To get the mail where it goes. All the mail, all the time.
Intelligencer Jabe Walla, when grilled on OCSA.
  While getting the mail to where it's meant to go is held as the primary goal of the OCSA by most of its members, protecting those members is its foremost concern most of the time.


While the OCSA doesn't store wealth or resources itself, it has numorus safehouses and waypoints, as well as the full backing of the Alliance Military.


The story most are told involves a Vondren Conveyance Network courier and a Global Dispatch courier accidentally finding themselves together in a bar on Zavi Station and connecting over how difficult they found the job to be.   How true this, however, isn't important. What's important is that being a courier is oftentimes more dangerous than being employed as a clysterpipe, and there is a saftey in numbers.   The headquarters of the OCSA has moved around between Zavi and Vida a great deal in its time. Unfortunately, it was located on Vida at the time of the Vida Disaster, and now resides on Zavi in a more permanant way.

Information Knows No Borders

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