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The HyperWings were, and still are, a popular Disket team. Popular on both Zavi and Vida, they were the only team with members solely from the planets.
But more importantly, the Hyperwings are a team of hyperrover pilots who fought hard in the name of the Alliance Military during the bug war, supported by a the crew of the Breakskiff.


The Team is lead by a manager who is in charge of getting them where they need to be, getting them trained, and managing finances.
Second in command is the co-manager who handles public relations and promotional material. He also works closely with the Rogue Sweets candy company that uses the team as a mascot.
Under them are is the 3 person team of Midzy, Janelle, and Buchhead. They are supported by a crew of trainers and mechanics, as well as driver pilot who happens to be a big fan.

Public Agenda

To protect the people of Jaumun and Vondren from the oncoming threat of the Bugs, and slot some disks!


The team owns a Disket training facility. Where they do most of thier training.   They also have connections to Rogue Sweets and famous Doctor Jloria Nijhd.   The team is carted around in Breakskiff, a large Starrunner. It also houses thier 3 specialized Hyperrovers, Demiwing, Stunwing, and Aquawing.   Due to thier military status they also have legal access to personal firearms.


Their rise to military unit was as unconventional and haphazard as their fans have come to expect from the team.
It all started with a series of promotional photo-shoots involving, then prototype, HyperRovers. During one such shoot the site was attacked by bugs, the trio were already in the vehicles for the shoot and decided to try holding off the bugs in them. It was the first recorded HyperRover battle of the war and they not only survived, but decisively won. They were later asked to serves as test pilots and eventual became a unit in their own right. They were a huge moral boost wherever they went. Though they did more rallying tours than actual fighting they were a bit help to the war effort non the less.

The Hype

Hyperwings Poster (old) by Lengna
Military, Navy Task force
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