Zephyr Sports

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A range of sports preformed in a wind tunnel, called a flight chamber, where the participants are held aloft in a jet of air. These sports are very popular on the space stations. Although some HavocBreakers get wild preforming them in actual free fall, wind sports aren't widely enjoyed on the planets.  

Flutter Gambol

Flutter Gambol is a variety of dancing related zephyr sports. Free form dance, choreographed dance, group dance, other performance art.
Scoring is point-based. Gambollers receive two marks for each performance, a technical elegance score and a inspired grace score, that are added together to form a the final score.
The technical elegance score is based on the difficulty and execution of the technical elements, while the inspired grace score is based on the more creative artistry, style, and presentation.


Mistral is all about form and speed. A competitor, called a flyer, is given a series of moves the must preform. There are 3 categories of move and one move from each category is drawn at random by the referee just before the round. Each round the moves given must be flown, in order given 3 times, each time is called a gust, as fast as they can before exiting the flight chamber. The time starts as soon as the competitor enters the flight chamber, and will stop as soon as they exit the flight chamber. There are a total of six competitive rounds that the competitors will participate in. There are two rings of light placed strategically on the tunnel, these lights signify the start and finish line for each gust.
Your goal is to preform the moves correctly with the fastest time.  
There are several penalties, called blows, that will add 3 seconds to your time.
Blows include: If a flyer's whole body doesn't pass both the start and finish line during a gust, if any part of the flyer's body passes through the doorway prior to the time starting, incorrect or unjudgeable patterns, if the flyer skips or misses a move, if there isn’t a clear intent to finish the pattern, and if the flyer intentionally crashes to save time.


Disket involves a large arena with varying air current strengths. 2-4 teams of 3 attempt to get colored disks into a slot while defending their own slot. 1 point for a random color disk, 3 for your colored disk, and 6 for the color of the team who's slot you scored in.  
You may not touch an opposing player, touching results in a 2 point penalty. You may touch your own teammates. You may not touch the ground or walls.   The ZaVida Disket league holds an event every 2 years on the Zavi station, where the winners of the regional leagues compete.


In Dissuade 2 participants, called Negotiators, attempt to maneuver each other in an attempt to force the other to either exit the flight chamber or touch the walls with any body part other than the bottoms of their feet.
The rules are fairly simple, you must show up for your match and you must not preform a taboo. Taboos are illegal moves such as grabbing, pulling, and hitting. Breaking any rule results in an automatic loss.

Famous Zypher Sports Stars

Disket is by far the most widely enjoyed Zypher sport in no small part to extremely popular team, The Hyperwings. Apart from beign the only team made of members hailing from the planets, they also have ties to and are the mascots of a famous candy company. They were so popular that they became a huge part of the Alliance Military's promotional material durring the bug war which lead to them actually becoming a team of HyperRover pilots in said war.

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