Rogue Sweets

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Candy company started by Crycdal Nijhd.


A family run business
  • Crystal: Creates recipes and makes sample batches, then teaches the head candy makers how to make them. She also takes in their ideas and lets them experiment, though no candy hits the shelves until its been approved.
  • Gloria: Head of nutrition, Head of finances.
  • Honey: Head of marketing, as well as doing the packaging art.
  • Jasper: Jasper and his hyperrover unit have become the mascots of the company.

  • Public Agenda

    Provide the best candy imaginable and unimaginable, and make it healthy to boot.

    The Candy


    Berry Chocolates
    A fruity chocolate truffle like sweet that melts pleasantly in your mouth.

    Glimmering Coacochocolates

    Hot Candied Chocolates

    Candied Fruits

    Candied Nutty Aurls
    A roasted Aurl drizzled with candy coating and sprinkled with nuts.
    Some like them on a stick, though the recommended way to eat them is cut up and shared among friends.


    Glosugary Giras

    Junior Mocha Giras



    Ccelberry Megatruffles

    Candied Nuts

    Ultracrackling Nuts



    Sugar Spinners

    Fizzy Taffy Popcorn Yums
    Nothing says fun like the fizzy chewy fluffy taste of Fizzy Taffy Popcorn Yums!
    Try all 5 exciting flavors!

    Frutti Brittle Blasts
    A sour and sweet candy with fruit flavors. It comes in wafers and breaks up easily. Kids enjoy crushing it up and putting it in fizzy drinks.

    Gummi Yummy Cremes

    Jellysugared Fudge

    Oanmaa Toffee

    Night, Crystal
    Corporation, Business
    Alternative Names
    Crystal Candy Co., Hypersweets
    Parent Organization

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