Razor's Edge

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The southern most section of Vullavual Laud.   It's more dangerous due to its proximity to Railripper's current territory, and now also the Bug Camp, and yet one of the safer areas to wonder around due to the disposition of the HavocLord that has claimed the area.   Rumor has it that everything you do in this area is somehow known to the HavocLord who claims the territory.


Its a place of drifters and lost souls. People who've lived a hard life and lost everything tend to gather here to start over again. retired HavocBreakers are the majority of residence, looking for a quiet place to live what is left of their lives with, spreading the memory of their lost glory and loved ones to any who will listen.
But its also a place of hope and of new starts, many young HavocBreakers just starting out will spend time there to hear the stores of adventure and learn from those who've been where they want to go and beyond. Lifting the spirits of the broken with hope for the next generation.


While it has ships and guns like the rest of Vullavual Laud, Razor's Edge is most know for its information network and records keeping. Most 'trouble' is stopped before it starts.

Guilds and Factions

RazorRoze, Watchers
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SouthernLord's territory, Death's Haunt
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