The Scorched Hollow

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The easternmost district of Vullavual Laud.
  This area gets more shade than other parts of Vullavaul Laud, due to being inside a crater, and is popular among the brave tourists and merchants who wish to stay a night the pirate-infested town.


While The Scorched Hollow aren't necessarily more civilised than the other districts of Vullavaul Laud, it does contain a greater number of families, foreign merchants, and tourists, due to its shorter days of direct sun exposure and its natural strangeness and beauty. The people living there seem less outwardly hostile than other parts of Vullavaul Laud, though pickpockets run rampant in the forms of street urchins and professional thieves alike.

Industry & Trade

While the central tower itself is not touched by mining equipment, The Scorched Hollow is a popular location for mining natural resources due to its depth. Glass can also be cut directly from the ground here, although it is not commonly done unless a building is to be constructed in its place.

Guilds and Factions


A sprawling crater that was allegedly once the resting place of an ancient colossus. Buildings of varying quality and stability are built in tiers going down the slope towards the massive tower of volcanic glass & glowing crystals that stands tall in the center.   The sand on the ground transitions to shards of glistening crystal and then to a pure sheet of glass as you approach the tower in the center of the crater. The tower is a beautiful, if unsettling, sight. A jagged, twisted spire of obsidian and cryolithium crystals, it attracts many sightseers and scientists wanting to discover its true source and nature.
Alternative Name(s)
Easternlord's Territory, Towershade, Darkspire
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