The Wreckage

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In the center of Vullavual Laud, overhanding and housing a good half the Neutral Ground is 'The Wreckage'. The wreckage, like most buildings in the pirate town, started its life as a vehicle.
Where this massive Starrunner came from though, no one knows.

Purpose / Function

Currently the building houses a good portion of the market palce, and shades the rest of it. It is also the meeting place of the HavocLords, when they feel so inclined to.   Before the Domination was formed with its lord's system, The Wreckage was the home of the pirate in charage of Vullavual Laud.   It was suposidly at one point the home of Lucky, thealleged founder of Vullavual Laud.   Clearly, at one time, it was some sort of massive Starrunner of unknown origin.


People are always altering the building to suite thier current needs. Large rooms have been devided, small rooms have been combined, doors have been cut into the hull and covered over again. Over the years extra buildings have been added to the sides to expand the space, other ships have been welded or attached with wooden hallways. These extra spaces are some times lost in battles or fires and rebuilt again.


Due to the chaotic nature of Vullavual Laud the building styles, materials, and structual soundness of The Wreckage is all over the palce.
The major outer structure is made of a strange metal alloy only found here, or scattered in the deasert with other, less whole, bits of wreckage.
Most additions are built from bure, fabric, clay, large rocks, or scrap metal.


The ledgend goes that the first Havoclord Lucky Maidarus, found The Wreckage when running from the Vondren Military. He made it his base and slowly others made thier way there.   It is the cornerstone of Vullavual Laud, and the reason it was formed in the first place.   Durring the first Pirate war the hidden Colossi Sorrow Bringer arose from the ground, creating the The Scorched Hollow, durring this The Wreckage was flooded with a sand and water mixture. It dried into a smooth hard substance that later became a comon building material for coating buildings in the town.


As unlikely as it sounds, Vullavual Laud, and more spasifically the Market and The Wreckage are highly popular tourist locations, espcially tourists from the ZaVida Mutuality.
The spacers seem to view HavocBreakers differently than the planets do. Seeing them not as a threat to scocity, but as folk heros and adventurers.   Also there are things for sale in The Wreckage one can't find anywhere else.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Lucky's Hut, Havok's Light, The Beacon
Shopping mall / Commercial Complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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