The Pile

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Western most part of Vullavual Laud.   A junky area of scavengers and cobbled together buildings made from scrapped ships. Originally a sort of ship graveyard that has attracted many outcasts and weirdos.
Its rumored there is treasure hidden in The Pile or in the wastes on its outskirts, a rumor that draws its fair share of starry-eyed youths and people looking to make money off them.


Treasure hunters, junk lovers, swindlers, and outcasts. People that will smile to your face and bury a knife in your back, or at least that's the stereotype.

Industry & Trade

The collecting of relics and junk, farming of simi-toxic desert plants, creation of goods, and a bit of Vie trafficking.


The area is rich in junk, wrecked ships, and hidden treasures.

Guilds and Factions

Natural Resources

The land around The Pile is rich in a mineral that the desert plant, Jidrern, likes to grow. This plant is used in making several drugs.
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Western Lord's territory
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