Stranger in the Dark

General Summary

Xeno decides to follow Jared instead of going after her target. She finds him talking to a stranger in the dark and eavesdrops on them for a bit. The conversation seems a bit hostile and, thinking to back Jared should there be a fight, she sneaks closer to the stranger.   Things get out of hand for her quickly as soon as she realizes the stranger knows she's there. Her attempts at playing it cool confuse Jared and amuse the stranger. Deciding there's no way to shake the nosy and vaguely threatening person if she were to try and take out her target, she manages to talk her way out of being there.   She and Jared escape into the night.

Missions/Quests Completed

Choose a path.
Escape 'Patchy'.

Character(s) interacted with

'Patchy', Jared
These days
Hero: Xeno
0/6 1/6 4/6 0/6
Cryolithium powers, Hacking, Manipulation
+0 +2 -1 +1 +1
Report Date
17 Apr 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: Game Cover by Lengna(Paper)