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The Harbinger the highest rank in the Vondren Military. They have complete authority over the plant of Vondren, though must work with other officials for each major town to get things done properly.


One msut be high ranking in some form of government to hold the position, and then be voted in at the end of the term of the previous Harbinger.


The Harbinger is duty bound to protect and serve in the best interests of Vondren and it's people.
(Its people typically meaning Ovie residents.)


While the exact details are lost to time, it is highly agreed that the title was first created with the task of leading forces against the growing pirate threat after the formation of Vullavual Laud.   The first few Harbingers met thier end in the eairly pirate wars, the ranks under Harbinger getting thier names changed to the fallen leaders as a show of respect and memory.
Altough the pirate wars were ultimately a falure, the goal to rid Vondren of scum has stayed a part of the title well after its evolution into an overall leadership role.

Cultural Significance

The impact of the Harbinger is felt far and wide on Vondren.
It tends to be looked on highly by Vondren Imperialist and respectfully by Cuhcil Traditionalists.
Though Maverics tend to be weary of the title and what it stands for, as acting too freely outside of the norm can get you branded a pirate.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Saying the tile before the name of its holder is customary and respectful.
Equates to
There is no other rank on either planet that is equivalent to the Harbinger.
Length of Term
Typically 2 to 3 years.
There currently isn't a limit to the amount of terms or their order.
Current Holders
Past Holders
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