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A fairly self sustaining fishing village in Monev Calv. They farm their own Goldknot and Canje as well.   There were once visited by the great Doctor Wecd before he became famous, and their biggest claim to fame is being the birthplace of Doctor Mecdir, the first professorial physiologist.


Lowclass Ovie of varying types, mostly Traditionalists


Town council. The whole town eats supper together every night, during that time they have time for an open discussion. usualy this just involves fish counts and Colossi sightings.


Log wall around the town.

Industry & Trade

They sustain themselves on what they can hunt or grow.


Most of the town is inside a hollow part of a giant tree, with very few buildings facing outwards. Around the village the outside of the village are sharpened log walls meant to keep smaller beasts out.
In the bit of water within the walls they have farming towers where they grow Canje for consumption. The high amount of Canje in these towers lured in large fish that are then netted and or speared. The excrament of the fish and mollusks are used to fertilize the Goldknot farm.


Notable buildings are the tavern and the visitor's hut. The visitors hut is where they house wondering travelers that get lost in the swamp or come for a visit. There's room for a shop to be set up in the hut so as to encourage wondering traders and apothecaries to stay for a while.   They also have a great deal of boats.


About what ones expects from a village located in the Monev Calv swamp lands. Mudhollow is a water area of rather large foliage.

Natural Resources

Fresh water, plenty of wood, and all the fish they could need.
less than 100
Location under

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