Dead (or missing)

This Article is still a wip!
Needs: reformatting

Some times people aren't any place, or at least not any place you know of.
Whether it be another planet or another plane of existence, some people are just... gone.

How did I get here?

You may be wondering how you got here.
A fair enough question, assuming you didn't choose to come visit..   If you're reading this I highly doubt you are dead.
I know where you are, so as of yet, you are not missing.
Perhaps you are lost? Yes, let us go with that.   It is possible you tried to see something you don't have access to, or that isn't finished just yet.
In which case it is protocol to simply make you missing.
I am, at the moment, very busy. So perhaps I will show you to the door for now.   Here are few things that are finished and accessible to keep you safe.




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