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Session 46 - Picking up the Pieces

General Summary


A New Challenger Approaches

  • The Sandpoint/Magnimar vigilante Vaultbreaker was revealed to be Shayliss Vinder.
  • She revealed that she had gone to the river to cut her wrists. Blood spilled into the water, and a vaguely humanoid-shaped creature climbed out with what looked to be a corpse hanging out of it.
  • The creature, a fey visitor, had bonded with Kaylee Jalstin and allowed Kaylee to wear the creature like a suit. It took the form of a masked man, allowing Kaylee to keep her identity secret. Together the duo would fight crime and try to keep Kaylee's husband Ottman Jalstin out of trouble.
  • During the ghoul invasion, Kaylee was caught unaware and was paralyzed by several ghouls. Vaultbreaker could not act and could only watch helplessly as Kaylee was dragged into the river, drowned, and partially eaten.
  • When Vaultbreaker felt Shayliss' blood in the water, it was compelled to act. The two seemed to share a similar sense of loss as each of them could not save a loved one from being senselessly killed.
  • Ottman hadn't seen his wife in weeks but believed the Skinsaw Cult had killed her in Magnimar.

The Issue With Titus

  • Days after the attack, Titus Scarnetti's daughter Elisse buried the rest of the family (her mother Delarah, her brothers Charn and Lianel, and her great-aunt Enid). Titus’s cousin Adimar came from Riddleport to pay respects to his mother.
  • The heroes returned the things that the giants had stuffed into the wagon. Elisse gave them a reward of 1000 gp for saving her and her father.
  • At the Sandpoint Cathedral, the heroes paid Titus Scarnetti a visit. Orik Vancaskerin was also among the living, and stood guard outside Titus' door. He told the heroes he was staying long enough to get paid and then make his way south to Korvosa. He confessed that he had been run out of Riddleport by crime boss Clegg Zincher. One day he’d like to go back to Riddleport and take Clegg Zincher out once and for all.
  • Titus was wrapped in gauze, head and torso, to protect the burns he received during the fight with Lord Blackmoor. He blamed the heroes for the death of his family. Instead of leading Blackmoor away from the wagon, they engaged with him directly by innocent people. He swore to see them burn for what they have done.
  • His tone changed when confronted with the blackmail. Scarnetti offered them 5000 gp to destroy the letter and keep the information quiet.
  • The Saviors took the money on the condition that Titus would not run for mayor, nor would anyone in his family. He also would not back anyone running for office. He would also allow other mills open up and would not try to undermine them. He agreed.
  • The Saviors of Sandpoint delivered 500 gp to five families who lost their mills and encouraged them to start up again. Sandpoint would need lumber, and Scarnetti did not deserve to get richer off the town's plight.
  • They then donated 2500 gp to Mayor Kendra Deverin to help fund repairs to Sandpoint.

Saying Farewell

  • Gallious was laid to rest on the grounds of Haven Manor.
  • Truett conducted a simple ceremony, celebrating the life of the young man who sacrificed to save his friends, and the town of Sandpoint.
  • There were a number of attendees from town - Mayor Deverin & Suljik, Sheriff Hemlock, and Ameiko Kaijitsu
  • From Magnimar, Alduin delivered condolences on behalf of Sheila Heidmarch and a mutual friend in the Order of Magnimar Security.
  • Alduin apologized for doubting their abilities and should not have abandoned them at Fort Rannick. This was their path, and he should have supported that and had enough faith in his own abilities should things have gone bad. He offered his services if they ever needed him.
  • Kadrus offered his condolences as well. However, he did not show up alone. He introduced his friend, a tiefling named Quilith . Kadrus knew they were dealing with Thassalonian history, and Quilith was well-versed in it. He confessed to Kumiko that Quilith may be able to help with deciphering the spellbook he gave Kumiko.

Asking the Big Guy some Big Questions

  • Jonah and Eli - Two guards from the North Gate who claim to have “caught” one of the stone giants using their aim and group tactics. The very same one that Mite and the party had beaten unconscious.
  • The stone giant agreed to answer the party's questions if they would allow him to safely leave their land. He warned them that Lord Mokmurian would come for Varisia, and while they may have turned back a few stone giants, they wouldn't turn back a hundred or a thousand of the Plateau People marching together.
  • Mokmurian had mastered the power of the Ancient Lords - powerful lords who had ruled over his ancestors, enslaved them, and forced them to build the monuments that grace Varisia even today. Many of the stone giants believed that Mokmurian was one of these Ancient Lords risen from the past to rebuild his empire.
  • Lord Mokmurian has at least seven tribes of giants under his command, with each tribe numbering in the dozens. The number of lesser kin he’s conscripted—ogres, hill giants, ettins, trolls—was also not insignificant. He sent several scouting parties into the lowlands to gather intelligence to prepare for his coming attack.
  • Mokmurian resides in his fortress Jorgenfist, named after the fortress that guards the entrance to the afterlife. The fortress is in the Valley of the Black Tower in the Iron Peaks. Jorgenfist overlooks the waters of the Muschkal River, but can also be approached by heading east from the Storval Stairs. Lord Mokmurian himself dwells deep below Jorgenfist—in hidden places he does not allow anyone to visit.
True to their word, the Saviors of Sandpoint allowed the giant to leave, much to the disappointment of Jonah and Eli. Would the Saviors of Sandpoint follow suit and face Mokmurian and his army of giants?
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
04 Jul 2022
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