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Kumiko Adler

Kumiko Adler, Human Witch with her draconic familiar Cloud

Divine Domains

  • Was gifted her abilities by her patron Khaylus 

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

  • Pale skin, "Cosmic Blue" hair.
  • Beneath her long sleeves, Kumiko has scars all over her arms, legs, and back (from her encounter with bandits after escaping from her adopted home). 
  • Kumiko also has a sizeable burn on her left arm, a reminder of her escape from the Kingdom of Laterre. 


Contacts & Relations

  • Cloud, Dragonkin familiar. Was once a Hawk but evolved into its proper form.

Human Witch.

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Unknown, raised in the Kingdom of Laterre
Current Residence
Recently from Riddleport, currently residing in Sandpoint
Aligned Organization