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Ottman Jalstin

  Ottman Jalstin was a cleric of Abadar who often visited the town of Sandpoint with his wife Kaylee Jalstin. He would assist Father Zantus with the occasional sermon but was more interested in the status of the Sandpoint Cathedral, which the Church of Abadar in Magnimar helped to finance.   Ottman disappeared for days at a time when he came to Sandpoint. Many believed he was ministering to those in and around the town. In truth, he visited the Hagfish or the Fatman's Feedbag, spending time gambling or, as he called it, "redistributing the wealth through divine providence." He claimed his winnings went back to the church in Magnimar, but as he didn't win, often it was hard to verify. Because he was a cleric of note, his debts were allowed to grow much more than would a commoner. However, the Sczarni eventually took notice and hinted that Ottman might want to start paying off that debt before divine providence killed him and his wife.  

Crisis of Faith

  Ottman found himself questioning his faith after an auction hosted by the church was robbed, and the prize of the auction – the runecarved key – was stolen. Ottman and a group of adventurers known as the Saviors of Sandpoint gave chase and caught up with the theives. However, during the skirmish, Ottman was slain.   As part of his contract with the church, Ottman was returned to the living. Many clergy members excitedly asked him if he saw Abadar during his spiritual transition. Ottman would smile but say nothing. That seemed to appease the clergy. In truth, Ottman saw nothing, and that scared him. Was there nothing waiting for him after death?   After that, Ottman started to take stock of his life. He had strayed from the path, and he knew it. He hadn't been a good member of the church. He'd been even worse as a husband. His disappearances often left his wife to cover for him, shouldering their burdens on her back. Kaylee was often gone, and when she came home, she was always vague about where she was and what she was doing. She said she was helping people, and he took her at her word. He had no idea about her double life as the vigilante VaultBreaker.   One night, Ottman returned from the church and found Kaylee was gone. That was no surprise at this point. She had left him a note saying that a book she had ordered from the store in Sandpoint the last time they were there had arrived. She said she would be back in a few days. She never came home, and when he sent word to Sheriff Hemlock, the sheriff found no sign that she had been there.   Still, he loved his wife and refused to believe she had left him. They had been through much together. She was his rock. When he questioned his faith, Kaylee helped him to believe. She kept him going.   So Ottman prayed. Prayed that his wife was safe and that she would come home soon. Sadly, she did come home, but she was not safe. She was dead. She had been in Sandpoint on a night when a pack of ghouls snuck into town and attacked townfolk. The undead had dragged Kaylee into the river and killed her.   Ottman spiralled from there, his tenuous grip on his faith shattered. He returned to his old ways of drinking and gambling. Several of the clergy took him aside, spoke with him, and prayed with him. But ultimately, Ottman walked away from the church and into the darkness.   Ottman became a healer-for-hire, patching up criminals and lowlives. His divine gifts were gone, leaving him with the barest of healing magics. The Sczarni come to him often, forcing him to work for free to "help forgive his debts."

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  • Abadar has not abandoned Ottman entirely. He still possesses rudimentary healing magic that he casts at a premium price.
Current Status
Underworld healer
Current Location
Former cleric of Abadar