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Ottman Jalstin

(a.k.a. Cleric of Abadar)

Ottman Jalstin is a cleric of Abadar who often visits Sandpoint with his wife Kaylee Jalstin. He will assist Father Zantus with the occasional sermon but is more interested in the status of the Cathedral, which the Church of Abadar in Magnimar helped to finance.   About Abadar The god of cities is stern but rewards those who work hard and whose actions benefit others as well as themselves, though he is morally ambiguous enough to recognize that not every person can benefit from every decision. Misusing slaves or beasts of burden is a waste of resources and detrimental to the profitability of a farm and civilization as a whole, and using cheaply-paid laborers rather than slaves is a better option, but Abadar understands that the world changes in small increments and the most advantageous option for society is not always the most workable in the present. He respects cautious thought and rejects impulsiveness, seeing it as a base and destructive whim. He teaches that discipline, keen judgment, and following the law eventually leads to wealth, comfort, and happiness. He does not believe in free handouts, and because of this his temples sell potions and healing spells or scrolls rather than giving them to those in need. Any who protest are pointed at the temple of Sarenrae.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

  • When a public auction featuring the Runecarved Key went south, Ottman joined members of the Saviors of Sandpoint to regain the stolen key. The thief changed into a demon and Ottman was slain in combat. His soul was revived by the Church of Abadar in Magnimar.

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