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  VaultBreaker was a vigilante, rumoured to be a follower of Abadar, that operated between the city of Magnimar and the town of Sandpoint. Sandpoint lawman Sheriff Hemlock had theories about the mystery man, but for now, his true identity remained unknown to the general public.   In truth, VaultBreaker was the guardian of Abadar's First Vault in Aktun named Barzerchunuth (Bar-ZER-chu-nooth). One day it heard the cries of a Paladin in need and was granted leave to assist. After aiding the Paladin, Barzerchunuth found that it paired well with the divine warrior. They made an oath to Abadar to help maintain order, and Barzerchunuth bonded with the Paladin. It acted as armor for him, the two becoming one.  


  Since arriving on Golarion, Barzerchunuth has had five "hosts."
  • Gareth, Paladin of Abadar. In the town of Dannash, Gareth was fighting bandits that had taken the town hostage. The bandits called in their ogre backup, and they beat Gareth badly. Gareth prayed to Abadar for help. Barz appeared, wrapped itself around Gareth, and helped drive off the bandits after dealing with the ogres. Gareth called Barz the "armor of Abadar."
  • Two decades later, Gareth passed away. At his funeral, Barz approached the woman conducting the funeral. Syndi, a cleric of Abadar, had what Barz called the "spark" of someone willing to get their hands dirty. Syndi bonded with Barz but didn't want to be seen as the enforcer type. Better to create a symbol. Barz changed his shape, forming a mask and taking the physical shape of Gareth's bulky form. Syndi now looked like a masked man. VaultBreaker was born.
  • Fifteen years after taking up the mantle, Syndi retired from "the life." Barz left the cleric and slithered around Absalom. It was captured by an elven wizard named Doulin, who wanted to conduct experiments on it. Barz fought Doulin, but the wizard took control and forced Barz to bond with him. The mission remained the same, but Doulin's VaultBreaker was a mercenary for hire. Barz kept them on task, but Doulin's magic had infused Barz with arcane abilities. VaultBreaker spent the next 80 years in various towns and cities, acting as protection-for-hire.
  • Doulin was in Magnimar when a demon attacked him. Barz was injured and forced back to Aklan. Despite his injuries, Doulin drove the creature off. Ottman Jalstin and Kaylee Jalstin found Doulin and brought him back to their home. Barz recovered from its injuries and returned to the material plane. Upon rejoining his host, Barz saw the "spark" in Kaylee. It spoke to her, and Barz left Doulin to bond with Kaylee. Doulin did not take kindly to this and attacked them. Ottman helped VaultBreaker and drove the elf off. Ottman had no idea that the man standing before him was his wife.
  • Doulin tracked down Kaylee in Sandpoint. He lured the ghouls to town to use them as a smokescreen. He injured her and drove off Barz, leaving Kaylee vulnerable to the ghouls. When he returned, Barz foundShayliss Vinder. She had the spark. They bonded, but Barz hadn't told her about Doulin. Not yet.
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Enforcer of Abadar