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Fire Bomber Alchemist

Divine Domains

Because of his ability to manipulate the earth, Mite sees Grog as a divine creature and worships him as such.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When King Glar was overthrown and Thistletop was overtaken, Glar told Mite about his friend Grog. He told Mite about the amazing power the hobgoblin was able to wield, and instructed Mite to find him. Grog would be able to defeat those who now ruled Thistletop. Mite set out to Sandpoint, and was discovered by Kadrus Shieldwalker. Kadrus knew Grog and the Saviors of Sandpoint had left for a town called Turtleback Ferry, and offered to help Mite reach the group.    Once Mite found Grog and told him of the situation, Grog instructed him to stay and help the group in his absence. Grog also told Mite to follow the instructions of Jayvielle while Grog was gone. Kadrus teleported Grog back to Sandpoint, and Mite joined the Saviors of Sandpoint.

Gobliln Alchemist Sapmaster

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