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Stormblade (He/Him)

Kadrus Stormblade (formerly¬†Shieldwalker) is an androgynous elf White Mage Arcanist, formerly a member of the adventuring group known as the Warbound led by Roglas Gorestorm.   Recently, while speaking to Brodert Quink, Kadrus was attacked by the hobgoblin monk Sereg and beaten unconscious. After announcing that "this is what happens to thieves," Sereg destroyed Kadrus' left hand. This was apparently in retaliation for Kadrus stealing the Warbound's communication ioun stones, as well as a magical artifact known as the Shard of Pride. Sereg vanished before Brodert could do anything, not that he had any intention of moving against the hobgoblin.   After healing, Kadrus took advantage of his proficiency with his mage hand cantrip. He maintained his concentration and manifests the mage hand over the stump that was once his left hand. Because of his specialization with the spell, it takes barely any effort to manifest the spell.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

During a time of distress, Kadrus conveyed a story to Kumiko and Gallious that hinted at his origin.    
"This is a story about a gnome, curious about the ways of the world as is their way. He stood on the shoulders of giants, raised high by mighty adventurers that he was fortunate enough to call a friend. Some tried to teach him the ways of warfare, but he was never a militant type. He knew he could never stare something in the eye while he took its life and felt its blood spill onto his hands."   "Magic, though, the gnome did seem to have an affinity for. Magic and a hunger for knowledge. He discovered a love of history, ancient relics, and the mysteries they locked away. He had actually considered joining the Pathfinder Society when he met some people who he thought shared his interests in Thassalonian lore. They were searching for artifacts, and the gnome wanted to help. To learn."   "One night, the gnome and his new friends were sitting around a table in a tavern in Magnimar, discussing the history of a particular item of great power. It was an item of legend, one of the rare aeon runestones, and one of the gnome's traveling companions mentioned the name of an elf that had written one of the only surviving texts about the runestone. The traveling companion suspected that perhaps the item was real, and its location lay within the pages of the text. As luck would have it, I knew the book that the elf had written. And I knew someone who had it in their library collection."   "Before my eyes, I saw his expression change to one I had never seen on his face before. A desperate hunger, like someone dying of thirst and being offered a full waterskin. It was a subtle look, but it was so strange to see it on his face that I regretted saying anything at all. My traveling companion inquired as to the location of the owner. I explained that the book was so old that reproducing it was next to impossible. The owner would not part with the book. My traveling companion told me, matter-of-factly, that they would simply kill the owner and take the book if it came to it."   Kadrus hesitated and took another drink. "I had to leave. The look in his eyes was so frightening to me that I dared not stay. I apologized, saying that the book would do them no good so there was no point in discussing matters further. I got out of my chair and walked out of the tavern."   Kadrus picked up the glass, hands visibly trembling, then sets the glass down. "I had no idea where I was going, just that I needed to get away from them. But he had no intention of letting me leave. I saw his shadow fall over me, and when I turned around Roglas struck me. I've been beaten before. Many times. I've been beaten and left for dead. But that single blow felt like it knocked the soul out of me. I could... see myself as if I was outside my body. And when he brought down his axe, I watched my body being carved almost completely in half. I didn't feel pain. Just cold, and an odd sense of relief that they'd never get the book now. Then nothing."   "The first thing I smelled was lilacs. I couldn't see anything, but as soon as I tried to move I heard a woman's voice. It was firm, yet reassuring. She told me that I was safe, I was well, but I had suffered a terrible injury and that I had to remain calm. She had a cloth over my eyes. She told me that she found me in a garbage wagon covered in filth. She had been looking for me and found me there. I asked if I knew her and she told me it wasn't important. However, to return me to the land of the living she had used her druidic magic to restore me. I wasn't the gnome I was before. Through reincarnation magic she had brought me back." Kadrus looked at them. "As this."   "She told me that I had a fresh start. A new life. But I knew Roglas had to be stopped. I spent weeks trying to find where my former traveling companions were, but all I could find were Roglas and Sereg. The others in the party were gone, and I never learned what happened to them. I put the word out that I was looking for explorers of Thassalonian relics. Roglas found me, and it was only through alchemical measures that I was able to even be in the same room as him."   "As much as I hated him, my fear kept me from killing him. Sereg always had an eye on me, so I could not let him be killed through my neglect. I played my part, and we were able to discover the shard of pride. This became Roglas' focus - finding the other shards. I knew if he wanted it, I could not let it happen. Over time I discovered that he was working for someone, and was acting under their orders. It didn't matter. He had to be stopped, but I could not do it."   "Enter the Saviors of Sandpoint. When our paths crossed, I knew it was fate that had brought us together. I saw your potential. I heard how you turned back the goblins in Sandpoint. I thought that you could do what I could not. So I stole the satchel from Roglas, knowing the shard was inside. I knew he would come for it, and I hoped that you would not let him have it. If you had decided to hand it over, well..." Kadrus drinks the drink. "We wouldn't be having this conversation. I would be dead, again, and you would have an open seat before you."   "I used you because I could not face my fear," Kadrus confessed. "And for that, I am so very sorry."
Current Location
Presented Sex
Water wip blue
Short, tomato red hair with a side part

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