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  Turtleback Ferry remains independent in many ways, for its remote location ensures that official visits from Magnimar are few and far between. Turtleback Ferry’s current mayor is an aged cleric of Erastil named Maelin Shreed, a selfless soul who manages the village church as both a safe haven for travelers and a hospital wherein he tends the village’s sick. Turtleback Ferry also boasts a trading post (the Turtleback General Store), an inn (the Turtle’s Parlor), a tavern (Bottoms Up), and a smith (Irontooth’s Metal Goods). Most of the village’s other buildings are the homes of farmers, hunters, fishers, and trappers—and very few of them ever travel farther south than Ilsurian.  

Notable Locations:

  1. The Turtle’s Parlor – The local inn, run by innkeeper Cesten Orlandi.
  2. Bottom’s Up – The local tavern, run by a halfling couple, Yads and Berthandy Kesker.
  3. Claybottom Ferry – This ferry provides once-daily round-trip service to the far side of the lake. Only 2 cp/passenger.
  4. IronTooth’s Metal Goods – Blacksmith Irontooth Jorveni runs this shop.
  5. Turtleback General Store – Owned and operated by an old maid named Wenda Leenee.
  6. Church of Erastil – the largest building in the village, it doubles as both a religious center and a town hall.
  7. Skull Ferry – This ferry provides as-needed service across the skull river for 1 cp/passenger.
  8. Turtleback Schoolhouse – Run by the schoolteacher, Tillia Henkenson.
  9. Turtleback Graveyard – Amazingly free of haunts and spooks, there are five empty plots in the front row reserved for careless adventurers.


91% human, 5% gnome, 4% halfling
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