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General Summary

  4 Lamashan (Oct), 4720   With Jayvielle down and Kilgor on his last leg, it wasn't looking good for the Saviors of Sandpoint. However, Grog and Alduin helped to turn the tide, and together with Gallious and Kumiko making life difficult for their opponents, the heroes managed to survive.   Together they resumed their search of the house, putting together a strong room-clearing strategy. After searching the house and gathering what valuables remained, they returned to the barn to find Mammy Graul had been killed there. She had used her dimension door spell to escape to the barn and recover but did not know that the three Black Arrows and Alduin were there, rather than her sons. After a brief skirmish, she was put down. Alduin had seen how badly she was hurt and ran into the house to ensure the rest of the party was safe.   Spent, the party returned to Turtleback Ferry with the three surviving members of the Black Arrows - Jakardros Sovark (the second in command at Fort Rannick), Vale Temros (ranger who prefers to get into the thick of things with battle axes), and Kaven Windstrike (rapier-wielder who has a sihedron tattoo on his wrist). The first stop was at the church of Erastil to speak to the spiritual/political leader of the town, Maelin Shreed. He healed the party and was shocked to hear that Fort Rannick had been taken by ogres. The heroes discussed the cult that had killed many in Sandpoint and Magnimar, appeared to have connections with Paradise and Fort Rannick. Tension rose when Kaven's tattoo was pointed out. Jakadros suggested that they all adjourn to the tavern to discuss things in a more civil manner.   Once at the Bottom's Up Tavern, the conversation turned to potential strategies for retaking the fort. Alduin voiced concern at this. He pointed out that the party had almost died trying to take down a shack full of ogre halfbreeds. Now they wanted to attack a fort full of ogres that had slaughtered a highly trained group of mercenaries? Everyone has to take their own path to self-betterment, but the road the party was taking seemed to lead to self-destruction. His suggestion was to send word to Magnimar for reinforcements. Lord-Mayor Grobaras would have to send assistance to regain control of an important military facility.   Just then, Kadrus Shieldwalker walked into the tavern, joined by a goblin wearing a bandolier of flasks. The goblin, Mite, had word from Thistletop. King Glar has been overthrown and the new regime was stirring up trouble. King Glar had spoken highly of his friend Grog, and Mite came to find Grog and ask him to help the goblins of Thistletop. Mite offered to fill the gap in the group as best he could while his “god” Grog freed his people. Kadrus would use a Scroll of Teleportation to return them to town. It was also agreed that Alduin would go with them to ensure reinforcements would be on their way sooner.   After a few brief conversations, Alduin gathered his things and prepared to be teleported back to Magnimar with Kadrus and Grog. He assured the party he would speak to the mayor to send reinforcements, should the party fail in their mission to retake the fort. He left a scroll of Raise Dead with Gallious, just in case.   At the start of the following day, the party made its way to Fort Rannick. Jakardros told the party of a secret entrance to the basement of the fort, hidden behind a waterfall. He and Vale would remain outside to cover their exit or create a distraction should it become necessary. Kaven would guide the party through the fort. Vale told Kilgor to try and find the infirmary that had been run by a cleric named Irus. She had potions and scrolls for healing. If the infirmary had been overrun, perhaps her private quarters may have healing magic.   The party used their stealth to sneak behind the waterfall. After a brief skirmish with some shocker lizards, Kaven led them through a maze of tunnels to a secret door. The door opened to what had once been a jailer's den or a torture chamber but had been repurposed into private quarters. Kneeling on a plush red carpet was a young woman with a pair of swords strapped to her back. She wore bracers and boots made of an odd greenish-black metal that seemed to alter the colors moment by moment. The young woman rose and looked at the party with haunted green eyes. Kumiko recognized the woman as someone from her past - the former princess of the fallen kingdom of Laterre, Princess Dilay. The woman smiled and coiled to attack.  

Rewards Granted

Locked away in a chest guarded by a mutated plant-ogrekin:  
  • an agate-studded gold ring worth 50 gp
  • a necklace of emeralds and silver worth 350 gp
  • a pair of small leather gloves studded with pearls (it is actually gloves of arrow snaring)
  • a large sack filled with assorted coins (210 gp, 452 sp, and 108 cp)
  • a ruby-inlaid red dragon-scale cloak clasp worth 600 gp
  Buried under the floor of the room of human skin chairs:
  • potion of cure moderate wounds
  • +1 hide shirt
  • +1 spiked chain
  • amulet of natural armor +1
Found inside the hand-chopper chest:
  • a sack of coins containing a mix of 121 cp, 110 sp, and 23 gp, along with 17 mostly skeletal severed fingers
Loot hidden away on Mammy Graul:
  • potion of cure serious wounds
  • staff of minor arcana
  • wand of enervation (CL 8th, 6 charges)
  • wand of vampiric touch (CL 8th, 15 charges)
Alduin gave to Gallious:
  • scroll of raise dead

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Rescued the remaining members of the Black Arrows.

Character(s) interacted with

  • MAELIN SHREED - mayor of Turtleback Ferry and priest of Erastil
  • YADS and BERTHANDY KESKER - chatty halfling owners of the Bottom's Up tavern
  • CESTEN ORLANDI - human owner of the Turtle's Parlor inn.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
20 Dec 2021
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