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Rise of the Runelords

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Golarion
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Scheduled Sessions

Fri 2nd September 2022 9:00

Session 51 - Dragon and Dungeon

Sessions Archive

18th Aug 2022

Session 50 - Valley of the Black Tower

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6th Aug 2022

Session 49 - Fight Night Part 2

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22nd Jul 2022

Session 48 - Fight Night

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8th Jul 2022

Session 47 - The Hunt

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4th Jul 2022

Session 46

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22nd Jun 2022

Session 45

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9th Jun 2022

Session 44

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27th May 2022

Session 43

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13th May 2022

Session 42 - Half-Brotherly Love

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29th Apr 2022

Session 41

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14th Apr 2022

Session 40 - Interrogation

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27th Mar 2022

Session 39 - Boop

When a Pit Fiend is the least of your worries, things have gone south in a hurry.

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18th Feb 2022

Session 38

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1st Feb 2022

Session 37

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22nd Jan 2022

Session 36

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15th Jan 2022

Session 35

Deep behind enemy lines in the basement of Fort Rannick.

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18th Dec 2021

Session 34

The party is split inside Graul House, and no one is safe.

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23rd Nov 2021

Session Thirty-Three

Battle in the Barn

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13th Nov 2021

Session Thirty-Two

Standoff against the Hunter

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27th Oct 2021

Session Thirty-One

In the streets of Ashenvale, the heroes face off against a villain from their past.

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13th Oct 2021

Session Thirty

The SoS have a new mission, directly from the OMS!

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10th Oct 2021

Session Twenty-Nine

The B-Team tries to take down a mad artificer.

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12th Sep 2021

Session Twenty-Eight

The Shadow Clock

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4th Sep 2021

Session Twenty-Seven

Investigating the Seven's Sawmill

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5th Aug 2021

Session Twenty-Six

The heroes continue their investigation in Magnimar.

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20th Jul 2021

Session Twenty-Five

The Saviors of Sandpoint return to town to rest and recover from their encounter at Foxglove Manor.

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8th Jul 2021

Session Twenty-Four

The Saviors of Sandpoint confront His Lordship, the Skinsaw Man, deep beneath Foxglove Manor.

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26th Jun 2021

Session Twenty-Three

The Saviors of Sandpoint explore the ancient caverns beneath Foxglove Manor.

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9th Jun 2021

Session Twenty-Two

Investigation of Foxglove Manor

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28th May 2021

Session Twenty-One

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14th May 2021

Session Twenty

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1st May 2021

Session Nineteen - Kidnappings and Confessions

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16th Apr 2021

Session Eighteen - Shadow Curses

The Shadow Assassin's curse comes true.

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30th Mar 2021

Session Seventeen

The Saviors of Sandpoint head to Magnimar.

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20th Mar 2021

Session Sixteen - The Gold Standard

The Saviors of Sandpoint find new items, and retrieve some old ones.

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14th Mar 2021

Session Fifteen - Back to Sandpoint

The party returns to rest and relax.

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20th Feb 2021

Session Fourteen - Cleanup on Aisle Two

The Saviors of Sandpoint give Thistletop a final once-over before company comes calling.

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6th Feb 2021

Session Thirteen - The Aftermath

Nualia may be defeated, but there are places yet to explore.

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17th Jan 2021

Session Twelve - Beneath Thistletop

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8th Jan 2021

Session Eleven - The Sharkenbear

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2nd Jan 2021

Session Ten - Thistletop Stockade

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22nd Dec 2020

Session Nine - Attack on Thistletop

The Saviors of Sandpoint take the fight to Nualia and the goblins of Thistletop

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12th Dec 2020

Sesson Eight - History Lesson

The Saviors of Sandpoint return to the catacombs beneath the Glassworks Factory to learn more about what it is.

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6th Dec 2020

Session Seven - Rise of Shieldwalker

The Heroes of Sandpoint meet an elven researcher who brings them more than they bargained for.

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27th Nov 2020

Session Six - Beneath the Glassworks

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8th Nov 2020

Session Five - Parkour Off The Wall Is Always A Bad Idea

The party searches for Ameiko

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1st Nov 2020

Session Four - Dinner and Glass

The heroes meet with Shalelu to discuss goblins.

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25th Oct 2020

Session Three - Heroes of Sandpoint

The party enjoys the perks of "celebrity status."

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13th Oct 2020

Session Two

The Fight for Sandpoint.

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2nd Oct 2020

Session One

New heroes! New adventures!

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Kruusk The Chopper





Jayvielle Deverin


Truett Swan