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Clegg Zincher

Clegg Zincher is one of Riddleport’s more publicly known, respected, and feared crimelords. Although his primary sources of income are from the city’s arena and various semi-legal (and outright illegal) activities involving groups of unskilled labourers, he meddles in numerous affairs across Riddleport. While his influence over the city continues to rise, the amount of control he can exert directly remains frustratingly low—at least, to him, it does.   The owner of Zincher's Arena in Riddleport and numerous other fighting venues around the region, Clegg Zincher runs all the gambling on these fighting matches. Zincher also runs most of the organized manual labor in Riddleport, which gives him the power to organize strikes and industrial sabotage. He owns one gaming house, the Golden Scale (named due to its dragon-themed motif), but leaves the day-to-day management to his nephew Russell.   Clegg had a brother, Falk, who worked as an alchemist. Orik Vancaskerin killed this brother after he sold the latter a counterfeit elixir of love, forcing Orik to flee Riddleport to escape Clegg's retribution.   Clegg's "trusted" allies include:  

  • Dannic the Destroyer, a Minotaur bodyguard and former champion of Clegg’s arena. He had been a slave who won his freedom but then remained a gladiator for the fame and the killing.

  • Russell (aka Junior), the son of Clegg’s brother. Russell's father was killed by Saul Vancaskerin’s son Orik when he sold him a fake love potion. Nice enough young man who loves being an alchemist but is not well versed in the criminal world. He is the manager of Clegg's gaming house, the Golden Scale.

  • Ultimus was created in the Golemworks section of Magnimar, purchased by Wymon Shadowglove. He lost the construct to Clegg due to overwhelming gambling debts. Ultimus has a sentience, and any control orders issued by Clegg are viewed more like "suggestions" by Ultimus. The creature empowering the construct, Dreg'drokar, the demon lord, was forced out of the body and replaced by an unknown intelligence. Ultimus left Zincher's arena, and his current location, and alliances, are unknown.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Clegg Zincher is a broad-shouldered man. He has short gray hair and the leathery, wrinkled face of a man who spent most of his youth working under the sun. His beard is short and stubbly, almost an afterthought, and he wears at all times an amulet bearing an image of a two-headed roc (few know that the amulets true value to Clegg). Zincher wears a leather cord on one shoulder, on which he has threaded several dried goblin ears—trophies from his first triumphant battle. Predatory flightless birds fascinate Zincher. They often serve in his arena as mascots (never as combatants), and he often brings along a trio of trained axebeaks on trips to serve him as guardians and companions.

Wealth & Financial state

Clegg Zincher owns a five-story tenement in the Leeward District of Riddleport and takes the entire top floor as his abode and headquarters. The lower levels are occupied by his loyal soldiers and capps, as well as gladiators and mercenaries in his employ. The entire building is fortified from within and virtual suicide for anyone who might suppose to openly confront Zincher here.
Current Location