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The Continent of Mydridlands

The Continent of Mydridlands is one of 6 continents on the world of Exflora. It lies on an island continent surrounded by the Heptanomis Ocean in the Northeast, the Ashur Sea in the west and the Western Karnak Sea in the North. In addition, parts of the continent also lap the Aethiopia Sea, the Odrysde Ocean, the Somazine Passage, the Requirement Strait and Middle Bay.  
Continents of Exflora
  The Cities in the Continent of Mydridlands are very vibrant and individually different from each other. Once the Raisen Institute has completed their city reports they will be linked to the below map.  
The Continent of Mydridlands
  The Nations that make up the Continent of Mydridlands are: The Protectorate of Raisen, Muzaffarnagar Republic, Nokh, Matla  , Daspur, Gilgit, Farkharet Anzob, Kingdom of Eil, Cochocton, Trepossey, Gohad, Parkhan The Great, Port Serpentine, Panna, Coaldwell, Kuyuwiniland, Lowben, Mirande, Turodi, Ohargla, Barranco, Galmi, Navarre, Sagres, Oorarene, Carriacca and Mendarik.   The continent can also be seen in the globe below in its relationship to the other continents in its area.  


The continent stretches from the warm tropical Eastern Karmak Sea in the North with the Highlands of Coaldwell in the Central region and the Eastern Mountains that straddle the Mendarik borders making up the highpoints of the continent. In the East, is the Aethiopia Sea and the stormy waters of the Somazine Passage and in the West lies the Ashur Sea with the chilly Odrysde Ocean lapping on its southern shore. Its Land stretches from tropical lands to the Cold tundra.   

Fauna & Flora

There are different environments on the Mydridlands Continent which create a wide variety of environments for Flora and Forma.
Colour Environment
White Grasslands and Farming Lands
Light Blue Alpine Forests and Snowcover
Bright Green Tropical Forests and Tropical Farming
Yellow Desert and Arid Farming Lands
Moss Green Temperate Forest
Included Locations
Related Ethnicities


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