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Kingdom of Eil

  • Year - 15082
  • Established - 14205
  • Population - 210000
  • Capital - Baytown
  • System of Government - Kingdom
  • Head of State - King Paul the 5th. 3rd of the Higher Line.
  • Major Industry - Agriculture and Sea Trade
  • Currency - Eil Zull's
  • Expected Age - 62
  • Average Yearly Income - 320 / Year
  The City of Baytown is the tallest single wood structure in the world of Exflora. It is also the largest wood building of any kind in the continents of The Continent of Mydridlands, The Continent of Karnak, and The Continent of Rusdaysia. The building is 34 stories tall plus the topping tower. It can house about 20,000 people and was built between 14755 and 14807.  


The Kingdom is run along the family line with the firstborn (Girl or boy) being next in line. The other 15 very old noble families, who with that royal line, came out of The Continent of Rusdaysia together in their 100-year migration, form the 2nd level of government in the 15 member council. There is a separate bureaucracy that operates the day-to-day government. There is no ministerial system, but in its place, the head of the bureaucratic department is also filling the role as a departmental minister.


The sole of the Eil People is built upon the traumatic exodus from The Continent of Romalia in about 9700 where they began a long 100-year track northeast to their present location on the Eastern Karnak Sea. Even though this event occurred about 5400 years ago, it still exists in the mindset of the population in their underlying worry about oppression and loss of property so they are very protective of their assets and their families.      They are not a very military people, but they do not work well together in groups but prefer family associates to that of strangers.

Public Agenda

The Kingdom of Eil is mainly a trade-based economy with the agricultural production being supported by technology that minimises the need for agricultural farm work. The government is therefore focused upon value-adding to their domestic production and competitive pricing on their through trade.   The government is focused upon streamlining trade and logistics and the improvement of technology for the betterment of the population.


The historical origin of the people of Eil is not well documented but what is known is that they are not originally from the lands of Northern The Continent of Mydridlands. It is believed that they ventured out of Central The Continent of Rusdaysia in about 9700 to begin a long 100-year track northeast to their present location.    The lands of Eil have been under other powers control in their previous history including:
  • The First Karn Kingdom - Approx 10000 - 10350
  • The Western Kavan Union - Approx 10500 - 10980
  • The Third Mydri Restoration - Approx 11200 - 12800 (Which was the greatest of the ancient kingdoms in the north of the continent.)
  • After about 13000 thought an independent people appeared having their first city-state at about that time. 
In 14205 the countries first king since leaving central The Continent of Rusdaysia, King John the Uniter. Since Independence and the establishment of the kingdom, the country has been in no political unions as it has profited better in trade than politics.

Demography and Population

The population of Eil is almost totally made up of the Eil People who are all descendant from the 16 great families, (the royal family and 15 great houses), of the 100-year migration. They settled in the area of present-day Eil, that was at that time almost uninhabited, so did not have any real challenge to their occupation of the land.    Because of their mistrust of others not in their society, they have encouraged very little migration into their territory over the years. They also do not use foreign labour in any of their organisations, having a system where only Eil locals can gain employment in the country.


The Eil military only has 2 arms. There is the landed Police arm and the Navy arm. A Navy ship will travel with each trade caravan to provide protection to the trading ships. This is more historical than needed but since it has been like that for thousands of years no one seems able to change this practice.

Foreign Relations

The Country of Eil has strong foreign relations with its near neighbours. These include Cochocton, Farkharet, Trepossey, Anzob, Gilgit, Matla  , Nokh, Setlt, Kokand Island, Shisur, Tatnani Coast, Attawapiskat, Kameoka and Vsovo. These are generally in the form of "Trade Houses" in the ocean port cities on these countries.

Science is our Guide

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
Eil Zull's - These come in the following denominations: 1/10, 1/5, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20.
Major Exports
One of the finest products produces in Eil is Paper. Production is widespread with many different varieties, some strong, others very fine. All have though a set watermark in the top right-hand corner. a Tree which casts no shadow, a shoe and a rising sun. A traditional symbol for traditional art, first recorded in about the year 9850. The symbol of the shoe represents the long walk from The Continent of Rusdaysia, the Tree represents the looking after of nature and the sun represents better days ahead.
Legislative Body
A 2 body parliament exists with the public body having 85 members and the family body having 15. The family body approves all rulings made in the public body, but the family body can be overruled by the king if the public body appeals to him/her. The term of the public body is 5 years between elections, while the family body is made up of 15 noble families and each member usually can only serve for 15 years and they are appointed by each family to the role.
Judicial Body
There is no real judicial body but there is a system of behaviour that places a cash punishment on breaking of regular norms. This is decided within family groups with the fine going to the family of the injured party. Foreigners have no real standing in the judicial system but are usually not the target of any crime as that also goes against the regular norms of the society.
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities


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