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Raisen Institute

Raisen Institute which has a focus of collecting world knowledge and cataloguing the current status of all world governments and other organisations. The history of the institute goes back over 3000 years.   The Raisen Institute began about 3,200 years ago and gradually grew in importance and changed Raisen society. It fully developed into its present form about 2,500 years or so ago.   The most important task that the Raisen Institute does yearly is the Yearly-Report of the Foreign Relations Librarian, which is a yearly almanac on each country in Exflora compiled to the Foreign Relations department of the Institute. Actually it is the yearly reports from Spy's in each country. It serves as a snapshot for each of the countries at the start of each year and over time the institute now has an unmatched 2,500-year record of world history.    The Raisen Institute had 10 main departments in the Institute.  
  1. - Foreign Relations
  2. - Archive Masters
  3. - Preservation Science
  4. - Teaching Masters
  5. - Building Keepers
  6. - Correspondance & Logistics League
  7. - Treasure Keepers
  8. - Library Guild
  9. - Record Keepers
  10. - Secretariat Guild
  The most impressive buildings of the Institute is the towers of the main library which tower above the city of raisen in their shining white and green.   
  Apart from the main buildings in Raisen City, there are also treasuries and archives on the island of Parkhan Gate which are more used as a safe house and secure storage rather than being in regular use.

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