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Odrysae Ocean

The Odrysae Ocean in the Great Southern Ocean of Exflora. It encompasses the entire Southern end of the planet. There is often Sea Ice and Ice Sheets in the winter months especially in the period of Winter Maximus that occurs every 20 years.   Trade occurs in the ocean but is mainly done by traversing the coastal waters.   The warmest parts of the Ocean are the areas where the Odrysae Ocean continues to the north finally reaching the Windy Archipelago near Pekin.   The Nations that surround the Odrysae Ocean are: Ozero Khanka , Ceuta , Xiqup , Hoyes , Aijal , Pekin , Zemoul , Aquin , East Somazine , West Somazine , Kuyuwiniland , Coaldwell , Pyapon , East Kervlen , Muhaiwir Kervlen , West Kervlen , and Paborge Lille .    


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