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  • Year - /./ D 114
  • Established - /./ )-I 14855
  • Population - 2,802,500
  • Capital - Souland
  • System of Government - Co-Monarchy
  • Head of State - King Vollon 4th & King Dsmslld 1st
  • Major Industry - Fishing & Agriculture
  • Currency - Picees
  • Expected Age - 68
  • Average Yearly Income - 70 Picees per year
The Aquin domains have one of the most strange kingdom arrangements on the planet. There are two royal families and two kings. One from the Central Islands represents the Antak-Lok People and one from the North represents the Merca People.   The Capital City is also divided between two ethnic groups: the Antak-Lok People on the coast and the Merca People on the higher ground beside a lake. The Palace is also divided but unified at the same time.  


In the Year /./ )-I 14807 the Monwael war began between the Antak-Lok people and the combined Buru and Solo people resulting in its climax in the battle of Mill Hill in the year /./ )-I 14814. In that battle alone 11,500 people were killed and no clear victory was won.    Hostilities were stopped pending the conference at Bo Kalleese in /./ )-I 14815 where the formal ending of hostilities and a declaration of 40 years of please and then the unification of the 3 Empires into one in /./ )-I 14855.    The Empire now had two Kings, one from the South and one from the North. The Capital was created at Souland and a parliament was established. Any points the Kings can not agree upon must go to the parliament for a vote of the people. You must be the leader of your local tribe/community to be allowed to sit in Parliament. There are on average 1750 members of the Imperial Parliament.    Parliament is only called together upon the death of a King or very infrequently when the kings can not agree.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
The Oficial Currency is the Picees. Barter is however often used for trade, especially in the south of the nation.
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