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  • Year - 15082
  • Established - 15008
  • Population - 1405200
  • Capital - Pelue
  • System of Government - Presidential
  • Head of State - Sir Kll Change President For Life
  • Major Industry - Trade & Agriculture
  • Currency - Imperialoser
  • Expected Age - 66
  • Average Yearly Income - 5020 per year
The Seven City States of Anzob  
  1. Greater Pelue
  2. Wesiok
  3. Wysat
  4. Nofa-Ridge
  5. Soucrest
  6. Rainia
  7. Palnatill
  Most of the population in the Country lived in the new capital City of Pelue being moved there to access services that are quite lacking in the countryside.  


A relatively new country which evolved after the Greater Farrharet wars but it is a bit of an enigma as it has no real historic past or independent culture. Its population has no fixed ethnicity which would justify its own country and nobody older than the 6th generation would consider themselves from Anzob. To combat this there has been a large restoration of Historic Buildings and the creation of a very modern New Capital called Pelue .   The founding Father of the nation is General Fortacomm Tihh. He was born in the city-state of Palnatill and after education, he moved to the city-state of Wesiok. then being slightly larger in size. He worked for the civil service in that city-state until he was 35 when he was transferred to a diplomatic post in the royal court of Palnatill. He held this post for 4 years till the pressures of the Eastern Farrhartet War became too much. He joined the rebellion as a middle-ranking officer but quickly rose up the ranks till at the outbreak of the offshoot war between Farkharet and the unified states if Central Stabatia, (the original name of Anzob prior to independence.)   The war itself lasted 4 years but it took another two years to unify the encircled states into what is not Anzob. Since unification, he has become a cult figure in the nation and is the single most unifying figure in their young history. He was president for 15 years until his death.

Protection is Everything

Founding Date
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
There are two houses of parliament. The State House and the Peoples House. The State House is made up of 21 members, (3 from each city-state) These can be elected by the city-state or may be held by traditional ruling families in the state.  The Peoples House is made up of 70 people, 10 from each city-state,) and once a member is elected to each house he/she holds the position for life. This has in past years led to several assassinations of members of parliament. The State House Elects the President who also holds this position for life.
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