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Ashur Sea

The Ashur Sea is a wide Sea with fast-flowing currents. It lies between the cold waters of the southern Odrysde Ocean and the warm tropical waters of the Middle Bay and the two Karnak Seas. The Water Current flows clockwise around the bay pulling in the cold southern waters and sending them up the East Coast of Pyapon and Combayze where it meets the warm northern waters running along the Eastern side of the Ashur Sea. For this reason, the Eastern side of the Sea is mostly covered in Temperate Forests while the eastern shores have better farming land and warmer weather.   The Sea Trade Routes usually follow the coastline of the Ashur Sea as the weather in the central Ashur Sea is usually bad and prone to storms.   The Countries that surround the Ashur Sea are: Combayze , Piti , Pyapon , Coaldwell , Panna , Port Serpentine , The Protectorate of Raisen , and Muzaffarnagar Republic .      


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