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The Protectorate of Raisen

The Protectorate of Raisen is made up of the small Peninsula of Raisen and the island of Parkhan Gate.   The main feature of Raisen is the immense Raisen Institute which has a focus of collecting world knowledge and cataloguing the current status of all world governments and other organisations. The History of the Institute goes back over 3000 years.  


The city-state is has a very old structure to the organisation with some very traditional titles however do not be fooled by the names as the system is very operationally modern. The Raisen Bureaucracy is the main industry in the city-state and is fully dedicated to the upkeep of the Raisen Institute and the well-being of the population.   The Head of State is also the Master Librarian who is also head of the Raisen Institute. There is a governing council under the Master Librarian of about 20 ministers of which about half are heads of the institute's departments.

Public Agenda

The goals of the whole society, inbred generation after generation, is to record, study and preserve the knowledge of the world. The whole society of Raisen is predicated on support for the Raisen Institute, whether it being directly or in a supporting role. All levers of Government and society are interwoven into the working of the Institute which can not be separated from the workings of Raisen.


The wealth of the Raisen Institute and by default Raisen itself is incalculable. But it is a wealth made up of knowledge, of historical records and in some instances art and historical articles. It is not an economical wealth. Architecturally the Citadel of the Raisen Institute is immense and built in a very grand style.


The Raisen has been around for over 3,500 years in some form or another always focused upon the land at the entrance to the Parkhan Inlet. The Raisen Institute began about 3,200 years ago and gradually grew in importance and changed Raisen society. But Raisen has only become more of a regional curiosity, then an international Myth, known for its repository of information, in the last 2,500 years or so.   The one major character of all of Raisen's interactions with other societies is based on the

Demography and Population

The Protectorate of Raisen is made up of the small Peninsula of Raisen and the island of Parkhan Gate.   Most of the population lives on the Peninsula of Raisen in either Raisen City or Tanpor. The Island of Parkhan Gate is mainly a farming community.   The population of the country is about 250,000 people. The average age expectancy is 120 years with a roughly stable population number.

Foreign Relations

Raisen has diplomatic relations with the nations in the local area but its main source of International observation is an enormous network of Spy's which report back to the Institute on a regular basis.   The main production of the Foreign Relations Librarians each year is the Yearly-Report of the Foreign Relations Librarian made up from Spy's that gives a yearly update on each country on Exflora. This has produced a record of all parts of Exflora dating back over 3,000 years.   It is suspected that Raisen has at least 1 spy in every substantial city worldwide.

Truth Keeper

Founding Date
Geopolitical, City-state
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
The Governing Council of about 20 members has a makeup of approximately 50% Civil Administrators and 50% Institute Administrators, showing the total integration of The Institute into the governing system of Raisen. There is no legislative body as such, but there is a system of Civilian Partitions that act as a formal administrative tool where citizens can affect the administration of the Protectorate.   The basis of the operations of the Governing Council are based on long-standing precedents and operates based on a 2/3 majority decision to approve most issues.
Judicial Body
Seven Judicial Families provide 7 judges that administer the Judicial system for Raisen. The Government chooses 2 judges for each case and if you object the these you may choose a replacement for 1 of them. Both judges need to agree on the outcome of the trial for there to be a conviction. The Seven Judicial Families have been operating the judicial system like this for over 1,000 years.
Controlled Territories


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