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Yearly-Report of the Foreign Relations Librarian

The Raisen Institute began about 3,200 years ago, and, since its inception each year, the Institute has created the Yearly-Report. It slowly grew in scope, until by about 2,500 years ago it encompassed a report which covered each national state in Exflora.   Over time the Yearly-Report became the main focus of the Institute. The creation of the report, the compilation of the report, the cataloguing of the report and the archiving of all reports over the millennia.   The completion of the Yearly-Report was achieved when the last country report arrived in Raisen, having been written by the many overseas spy's whose main job was to complete the report on their resident country. There was great fanfare upon completion of each report and by tradition, a 2-day festival was held by all Raisen citizens.


To store for historical records and future analyzing the records of each nation-state in Exflora.   It began as a yearly report on the neighbouring countries and gradually grew to encompass the whole world.

Document Structure


The content of the document is catalogued by date under country. Each Country has generally the same information on the report including Statistics, Geographic, Political, Societal, Historical, Agricultural, Wildlife, Industry, Architectural and other general information.

Publication Status

The document is accessible to any member of the Institute. Practically however, the Members of the Library Guild has the most cause to access the documents.

Historical Details


There are over 3,000 years of Historical records held in the Institute. The whole society of Raisen is dedicated solely to its creation and storage.
Report, Intelligence

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