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Master Librarian, First Knight of Raisen, Defender of the Books

The rank of "Master Librarian, First Knight of Raisen, Defender of the Books" is the most senior role in the government of The Protectorate of Raisen. Raisen is a country totally focused upon the keeping of records and as such the Library of Raisen is the centre of the culture.
Being the "Master Librarian" that makes the holder of the post the head of this library. 
Being the "First Knight of Raisen" the holder of the post is also the head of the military.
Being the "Defender of the books" the holder is responsible for the long term preservation of the historic records. 

The Title is a very old one being held consistency for over 3,000 years.


The holder has to come up from one of the 10 heads of the institute's departments.


The appointment is for life but the holder usually does not gain the rank until they are quite an old age.


The Master Librarian must uphold the Rules, Rights, Traditions and Codex of the Institute that has been built up over the 3,000-year-old history.


Oversees the day-to-day running of the government and chairs the Institute's Board Meetings made up by the 10 main departments in the Institute. 1 - Foreign Relations 2 - Archive Masters 3 - Preservation Science 4 - Teaching Masters 5 - Building Keepers 6 - Correspondance & Logistics League 7 - Treasure Keepers 8 - Library Guild 9 - Record Keepers 10 - Secretariat Guild


There is no monetary payment as part of the post however once a person holds the post all expenses are taken care of by the Institute.
Form of Address
Master Librarian
Equates to
A President or another elected Head of Government would have a similar rank.
Source of Authority
The governing council of about 20 ministers elect the Master Librarian whenever there is a vacancy.
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