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Raisen City

Raisen is an ancient city that has great importance to the region. It is what you would call a university or academic town with the main focus of the population on the upkeep of the institute. The main feature of the city is the towering towers of the institutes' library and storage archives. They tower hundreds of feet over the city and glisten in white and green.    


The population of Raisen City is made up almost entirely of the local population as there are restrictions on foreign visits.


Raisen City is a city-state based on a peninsula of land with a little extra territory on a nearby island. The City Government is the same as the country government. The city-state has a very old structure but the organisation is very operationally modern. The Raisen Bureaucracy is the main industry in the city-state and is fully dedicated to the upkeep of the Raisen Institute and the well-being of the population. The Head of State is also the Master Librarian who is also head of the Raisen Institute. There is a governing council under the Master Librarian of about 20 ministers of which about half are heads of the institute's departments.


By tradition, the city is considered sacred land and other nations in the vicinity would not think about invading it. It the city-state was threatened then the other regional countries would stand up and defend it as laid out in "The Treaty of Parkhan States"

Industry & Trade

The main industry in Raisen City is knowledge and the preservation of knowledge. There is also trade in daily necessities as Raisen gets most of its food from the neighbouring countries.


The main infrastructure in the city is the grand buildings of the institute and the port and market areas.


There are many valuables in the treasury of the Institute.


The city started as a village but raised in importance when the founders of the institute chose this location for its good harbour access and its dominant position on the entrance to the Parkhan inlet.
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