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Western Karnak Sea

The Western Karnak Sea separates The Continent of Karnak and The Continent of Rusdaysia . Being usually calmer weather than the Oceans propper, it is a sea full of trading vessels with many ports on its shores and the access route for many large trade routes. The Sea is a very tropical sea and has one of the warmest waters of all the seas and Oceans. It also provides access between the Heptanomis Ocean , the Ashur Sea , and the Lydia Ocean via the Eastern Karnak Sea and Middle Bay .   The island nation of Sallanches is situated in the middle of the Western Karnak Sea.   The Nations that occupy the shorelines of the Western Karnak Sea are: Setlt , Shisur , St Jorat , Ernen , Koetarabja , Port Matara , Secunderabad , Paborge Lille , Chojnow , Ohre , Semois , and El Nahud          


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