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Baytown is the capital city in the country of Kingdom of Eil. It is a single wooden structure that houses about 50000 people. It is the largest wooden building in The Continent of Mydridlands.   The city has a port housed inside the building with the major part of the port fully undercover under the wooden building. The upper parts house the parliament and the royal residence. While the Army, Police and Security Staff occupy the bottom 2 floors of the building.   The middle structures are the general housing and business area. There are several food markets and business centres in the building and the central atrium teachers up about 30 stories in the centre of the building.  


The city's main population is of the business, trade, political and defence classes. This makes up the main 4 sections of the city's economy. The city is almost totally made up of Eil nations with very little foreign nationals living in the city.


The upper parts of the city are the Royal Residence and Parliament areas. A 2 body parliament exists with the Public Body having 85 members and the Noble Family Body having 15 members. The top 14 floors are divided into 3 parts with the North facing side belonging to the Royal Family, the South East side of the upper floors being the home of the Public Body Parliament and their offices while the South West side of the upper floors being reserved for the 15 Noble Families and their parliament. There is a small city administration which is considered part of the Public Body.


The wooden building is coated yearly with a reason that is fire resistant and slippery so that nothing can get a handhold on the building and fire will not catch alight. Additionally, the bottom few floors are reserved for the army and the navy who would be the cities primary defence.


The Shipyard has space for about 10 ships to park at one time.
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