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Eil People

The People of Eil are an ethnic group from the central areas of The Continent of Rusdaysia who were displaced from their homeland about 5400 years ago. They travelled from the central mountain region of present-day Paborge Lille, through the southern shores of the Western Karnak Sea, then travelling South along the Combayze, coast. From there they crossed the Ashur sea and continued their slow migration north along the Muzaffarnagar Republic coast then travelling along the Eastern Karnak Sea, eventually settling in the lands that now bare their name, Kingdom of Eil. This period of time as known as the 100-year migration, but in fact, some families took up too about 150 years to complete the migration.  
  History says that the people fled Central Rusdaysia because of persecutions and an attempt at ethnic cleansing by the other peoples in the area. The Eil people were very insular and prosperous but were very secretive and other peoples converted their wealth. Being mainly business people they had no history of land cultivation and this made them appear as detached from the land which ultimately cost them their homeland.   "The Departure" was arranged by the 15 very old noble families in coordination with the royal family of Eil, who after considerable secret arrangements began their 15000 caravan track out of the Eil homeland over a period of 15 months. This then continued on in several waves stopping at numerous cities along the way for periods of 2 to 3 years, or on one occasion up to 20 years, then moving on again looking for a secure land to call their own.   There were several water crossings but on each of these, they used public ships or purchased their own ship and selling them at the other end of the sea voyage.


Shared customary codes and values

The major customs of the society are focused upon business and trade as this is the core of the Eil tradition. they believe a business deal is only good if it is fair to both parties. An unfair deal will not encourage future business and this is bad for the long term success of the business.

Major organizations

Most organisations in Eil are controlled by the 15 noble families in a form or structured monopolies. The Royal family oversees the smooth interactions between these 15 families.


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