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Heptanomis Ocean

The Heptanomis Ocean is one of the largest oceans on Exflora. It encompass most of the west coast of The Continent of Romalia, The Eastern Shore of The Continent of Karnak and the Northern shore of the Eastern Part of the The Continent of Mydridlands . It stretches from the warm equitorial waters on the Southern Heptanomis Ocean where it meets the Requirement Strait and continues all the way north till it meets the cold Northern waters of the Tambuktu Sea.   There is a large series of tall and rugged islands in the centre of the Ocean making up the nation of Vsovo .   The Nations on the shore of the Heptanomis Ocean are: Mason , Verte , Blaubeuren , Neokar , Port Llliwa , Kingdom of Ambergris , Sidraw , Bulus Coast , Luz , Adra , Poulo Obi , Silchar , Mendarik , Navarre , Barranco , Cochocton , Kameoka , Koi Peninsula , and Tasttpalata .    


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