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Tambuktu Sea

The Tambuktu Sea is the most northern of Seas and covers the whole top of the planet Exflora. There is often Sea Ice and Ice Sheets in the winter months especially in the period of Winter Maximus that occurs every 20 years.   There is little Trade in this sea as the seas are usually rough and there are only minimal populations in the area. The Sea is actually the connection between, or the continuation of, the Lydia Ocean and the Heptanomis Ocean indeed some people do consider the 2 oceans and the Sea as one and refer to it as the Great Ocean, however, this is a relatively new concept and we will refer to the 3 oceans by their usual names.    The Nations that Surround the Tambuktu Sea are: Nana Kra , Tsimpmit , Kisgegas , Hogsty , Causapscol , Timeras , Bata Collective , Mund Rub , Ras Hatiba , Rub Al Khali , Plamennyy , Wevok , and Lac Des Hemiones .     

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