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  • Year - /./D 114
  • Established - /./D 31
  • Population - 16,541,850
  • Capital - Oc Eo
  • System of Government - Military
  • Head of State - Elkut Sikhal President General
  • Major Industry - Cultivation / Farming
  • Currency - Adraian Lihrat
  • Expected Age - 98
  • Average Yearly Income - 1700 per year
  Historical and Religious Sites shown on the map. 1 Tewah Sekima 2 Apu Masela 3 Membralla 4 Teun Kebatu 5 Gunungapi 6 Namlea Kobi Besar 7 Seribu 8 Banal 9 Kepulauan Ceram        
OcEo cover
City of Oc Eo    

The Mazarron Plot

  Objective - To eliminate the government of Adra and then to subdivide the land and the people between the victorious union.   Reason - To put a stop totally to the aggressive actions of the military government of Elkut Sikhal, and at the same time remove a lot of public oppression. If successful it would also open IP large areas of productive land for the union.   Detail - A formal agreement was hit upon at the Mozarron Conference, where all participating governments signed an agreement to attach Adra in a group front. The date of this attack is not yet known.


There is no Parliament, instead, there is a system of public and private groups which have direct input to the ministry. The Army has usually controlled the Ministry and the Presidency. In /./D102 the Government appointed a private citizen to the post of President but he was replaced in /./D105 by another General.


The country is loosely centred around the Ancient Kingdom of Prek Kak which flourished around Kepulauan Ceram from about /./(+ 15,572 to /./)-| 894 approximately. It lasted around 750 years as the dominant nation of the area. It had trade routes with many western The Continent of Romalian nations and also traded with the The Continent of Mydridlands and The Continent of Stabatia. At its height (about /./)-| 475) the kingdom stretched between the two major Herculian Ranges and loosely controlled several seaports on all sides of the Chonya Peninsula.   Since the collapse of Prek Kak, there was no other formal government until /./)-|9681 when the Lubuan Empire was established. Its centre was Apu Masela from /./)-|9681 to /./)-|13304, Then kepato from /./)-|13327 to /./)-|13397 and then Mebralla from /./)-|13398 to /./D3 when the empire finally collapsed. At its height, it covered North East Adra, Eastern Luz, Southern Jatai, Western Mazarron and a lot of Ambergris below the Equator.   The Labuan Empire collapsed after 5 years of civil disorder which was caused by the death of Child Emperor Iconyou the 9th and the increasing factional battles amongst the nobility, leading to civil war. Prince Danmance united all Adrarian Factions and established its first Republic in /./D31. He, however, was killed the following year at the age of 67, and at that point, the military took over.   This year marks the 82nd year of the military dictatorship in Adra, which in this time has extended its territory to the sea.   Year Name Title Y.O.R. /./D31 Prince Danmance - President-Elect - 1/2 Year /./D32 Hibre Andall - President-General - 23 Years /./D56 Fo Marshalle - President-General - 15 Years /./D71 Caree Labough - President-General - 30 Years /./D102 Fashide Woo Sidco - President - 3 Years /./D105 Elkut Sikhal - President-General - 9+ Years


The main Adrarian War was in /./D41 when they invaded Afeebia. They have since totally annexed the country. There have been numerous border conflicts with every neighbouring country except Ambergris and Poulo Obi. Currently, much of the country is not under government control.
Founding Date
/./D 31
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations

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