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Summercamp 2023

Summercamp is almost here! And this is the month of preparation and homework to get ready and hyped for summercamp!

With the days of writing ahead of us, it make sense for us as a chapter to dive into our worlds and begin asking questions and finding the open spots where prompts can pique our imaginations. As a new chapter, it felt right to go through this discovery together and learn about all of our worlds as we prepare them for Summer Camp.

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Meet each other

Since this chapter is fairly new while there's summercamp 2023 preparation and not everyone knows each other, I've decided to make this first homework a little introduction to our worlds!

Tell us a bit about the world you think you’ll be working on SC (Can be multiples if you aren’t sure, or can be simply a part of a world)! A couple of lines about what the world is, or what part (if you will focus on just a part of it) will you work on: Share a link to the homepage! (bonus points if you share link to an introductory article and meta if you like metas).
— Homework 1, by Catoblepon

RiverFang - Isekai

Much like always, I will be writing in Isekai this year. Isekai is a large, high fantasy setting with bits of steam punk, Lovecraftian horror, and other genres. This world is absolutely massive and written by my husband and I. I will be working on whatever parts of the world fit my fancy, but with the theme of power, I may be expanding on the countries my husband has been writing.

AP. - Alenya's Adventures

This world is for my playthrough of the Solo Journalling RPG, Apothecaria (by BlackwellWriter). Here I will be posting not only my journal articles as I play the game, but also making the world that the game is set in. It is a cosy fantasy world, where there will be some danger and challenges, but none that are too hard to overcome. During Summer Camp I will be adding more to the world and expanding on some of the characters mentioned in the journal's so far and making new things as the prompts, well, prompt.

Catoblepon - Iphars

The world of Iphars is in process of change.

Fifty years ago, magic appeared in the world, and with it, new places, flora, fauna and worse, people. As those newcomers start to claim lands for themselves, the people indigenous to Iphars have to fight to adapt and keep what is theirs.

I have a tradition on focusing on a different continent each year! So far I've done Branul, Emea, and Izura. This year I will be focusing in Kliras! Kliras is one of the natural archipelagos. Its composed 4 volcanic islands and 3 islands that have been slowly emerging since The dawn of magic. The volcanos of the islands, long inactive, have became active since the dawn.

Sage Catoblepon

Visit Daeliha, Iphars, Khulgran & Shattered
Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
My world Shattered won as the "Most ground-breaking premise new world"!


Revyera - When the Curtain has Fallen

It's one of my oldest worlds that requires a lot of changes (especially to CSS).

There was a prophecy about the end of the world and three groups that would stop it. They failed and so the material world and concept world crashed together and merged. The world follows the three organizations in the past, and three protagonists who try to survive in the present.

I'm picking this world for now, but once the other themes show up, I might change it.

Deivi (Callyxtus) - Yeia

As always I'll be focusing on my main world,Yeia which is a low fantasy world with a lot of realms and cultures inspired directly by real historical ones or by mixing them (in a hopefully awesome way) . This Summer Camp I'll be focusing on writing about the realms of Yeia I haven't talked about yet as well as their government systems (as the first theme is power)

Ondo - Black Light

Black Light is a science-fantasy universe designed for my RPG system (or rather, the system is designed for the universe). It currently has five worlds with their own things going on in different stages of evolution—from Bronze Age to futuristic fantasy. The different worlds are kind of independent but connected, and there's an overarching plot (that I won't reveal because Cato would be spoiled, and it won't really show through in my public worldbuilding) and worldbuilding points that are common everywhere, like the magic system or the cosmology.

For SC specifically, I'll work on Earth! It's an alternate version of Earth, focused on Europe (because that's what I know), kind of steampunkish fantasy. And that's essentially what I know, I still need to decide which century it will be set in! But I'm excited to dive in :D

Dhelian - Lethea

Mankind has dominated the world for as long as anyone can remember. Their ambition, determination, and faith have driven them to greatness and they are well aware of their status in the world. Yet despite all that they accomplished, there is a threat to them as ancient as the world itself, which refuses to die. A threat that could have slaughtered every last man, woman, and child had it not been stopped over a thousand years ago by a miraculous hero and his zealous followers.

The aberati menace was purged from the land, their nests and hideouts exterminated with extreme prejudice, and all who served in the cults dedicated to their service hunted down and brought to justice. Now this threat seems more like a distant tale than a real concern, but as human realms wage wars of conquest and religion upon one another, their enemy rises from their slumber.

Lethea is a fantasy world which is actually sort of just in the future of our own world on a different planet but things happened. Long story short some humans left Earth, their space vehicle eventually ended up at a handy planet. They landed on planet and all was good until they found the angry local monster things that wanted to murderize them. Then speed forward around 15k years and humanity has lost most of its former tech and lives in fairly tribal societies with some exceptions. One of those exceptions is a country in the northeast of the map whose leader thinks its a good idea to somehow work with the murderous monsters and they launch a big ol' invasion which is ended when a religious bloke and his band of merry men end up in some mountains and a big boom happens, causing there to be no more mountains and also no invading army. Then over a thousand years pass and people peacefully keep murdering each other instead, mostly forgetting about the old murder monster problem.

Ok that also wasn't nearly as short as I would have liked. What can I say, its a complicated world. A lot of the world is also in need of updating and contains old and outdated info.

Going to try to focus on the important core articles but if that fails I'll try to only work on the more important regions of the world.

Aster (PrincessEsh) - SanZera & Lauthon

I don't expect to participate in summercamp all that much but I'll share my worlds anyway!

SanZera is my main one, it's high fantasy with a bunch of original species and races and magic made by yours truly <3 I also have the City of Lauthon, which is a Spiderman self-insert world with darker touches inspired by Gotham city.

Emy - Etrea

I'm not entirely sure which part of the world I want to focus on this year, but I think I want to go outside the continent I've been mainly working on, or at the very least to different countries. It'd be cool to focus on one country in particular, but not sure which one yet.

Five and a half thousand years ago, the world of Etrea awakened with no memory of what had come before. Scant ruins and fragmented dreams are all that remain of the past.

In what has become known as the Enervant Age, civilisations have risen and fallen. Wars have been fought. Scientific discoveries have been made. Yet, the forgotten histories cast a long shadow over the future.

Whilst some still seek answers, most believe the past remains hidden for a reason.

Owen (Oaster2000) - Nonvyrox & Emore

Nonvyrox is a world torn up by war, its nations are rebuilding from a divine war that finished just over 740 years ago which killed approximately 3/4 of the population. These days there are less wars but the scarring of the divinity is still prominent with cultists following the Deciever gods and other strange creatures attacking those who remain.

Nonvyrox has been developed as primarily a TTRPG world, but has been expanded to include multiple writing projects and even its own TTRPG system overall. Its best to consider that it is fantasy but has elements of all kinds of fantasy, some dark, some high and some low.

Emore is a VERY new world, as in its not got anything in it yet, but has ideas of esoteric orders, far realms, and cosmic dread.

TheChangeling - Arda Almayed

I’m gonna be working on my world Arda Almayed! Its a low magic fantasy setting inspired by north african and middle eastern 5th to 14th century era (very large I know)

I’m currently in the process of reorganising a lot of how the world works, hopefully summercamp might help me get a more solid idea of how the world ought to feel!

Darkseid - Vardania/Aeteria/Hyperdrive/Dvegar/Paradigm



It's an ancient time in human history. Everywhere is the same; Animals are the best way to travelling, and wars relied on swords, bows, and spears. However, there is one place in the world, guns and cars exists.

Terraloga is a science fantasy world setting in a pure, fictional earth. Starting in the ancient-era, you will expect the journey of men, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the incidental chaos of nature. The world is changing as the time goes, as if it was written by the same person.

Setting on the fictional continent Estisia, the story follows the rise of Valonia Empire, the Roman-inspired country from the southern region, on their ultimate quest to conquest the entire world. However, with their limitation of technologies, cartographies, and of course their lifespan, the goal is going to last generations.

I may consider the whole world as one piece of literature, evolving as long as I continue. If this is a video game, it would be an endless live-service game. For this Summer Camp, I want to focus on what the empire's going to do next after they controlled all of the south - Maybe invading the East?

Confederate States of Earth

Confederate States of Earth, or C.S.E., is a science fiction world where humanity colonize much of the galaxy, and one of them are the galactic nation of the same name. While most of the people live scattered on their own, but here, even millenniums has passed the people there still remember their good old solar system. The connection is so strong that when the Earth were mysteriously destroyed, the civil war erupted. With a vast space between them, no one know when the war will end.

For this Summer Camp, well, it's gonna be a pretty big update.

Dylon - Dread Romantic & The Void Between

For summer camp, I'll be working primarily in Dread Romantic, an optimistic and absurd post apocalyptic world. Every time I do summer camp, I usually have a theme. This time, I'll use the prompts to tell a story within this world. To keep the length down, I may also dip into telling a story in The Void Between, a sci-fi setting that tells a continuous story with each article.

Let's ready it!

Last week, we talked a bit about our worlds, to get each one to meet each other! This week? Let's see how much is your world ready. So tell us...

What do you think your world (or worlds!) is missing and/or needs editing? And, do you think you could do some of it for summercamp?

CSS re-do, organization, a bit of information outdated, etc... Let's see what our worlds need and if we can cross some of the list before summercamp! Of course, you are more than welcome to brainstorm in chat or ask help to the fellow cookies with what you need to do!

Ondo - Black light

My CSS is ready so I (unfortunately) don't have an excuse to procrastinate on this

But it needs an intro article for Earth (the area I'll focus on during summer camp). I'm working on it— I don't know if it will be publishable before July, but I'll get it done in private at least

Deivi (Callyxtus) - Yeia

I think that my world misses so many things. I think the design of my articles is very simplistic, in comparisson with some of you who made wonderful articles with beautiful fonts, well placed pictures etc... . (sorry I explained myself poorly) so its a thing I should learn to do. I also think some information is outdated and probably I'd have to re-do some timelines ( The problem is that sometimes I do for example an timeline for a kingdom and I don't take into consideration the dates and events related to that realm that I talked about in another timeline of another nation ) and also the intro of Yeia.

RiverFang - Isekai

In some places, Isekai is still a muddled mess of outdated information. We've been going through an on going cleanup stage in terms of lore since pre-Summer Camp 2021, but with nearly 850k words, it takes time.

My CSS really needs cleaned up but I've been working on that for months with no end in sight. I've come to realize that the scope of Isekai is just sometimes too large to get things done in a timely manner.

As for what I would like to focus on before SC this year, I have a few new categories I would like to make and set up to better sort some of our larger categories. I would also like to create a much more comprehensive master timeline than we have, one that details all dates and such throughout the world, although I don't think something like this would be on WA since my timelines there have specific use cases and reasons behind them.

Catoblepon - Iphars

There's actually a bunch of stuff. Most of the articles are done during summercamp and thus, most need editing. The organization is a bit wack for me, but I haven't found a better category system yet, might play with it a bit more this month. I need to finish the worldmap AND downgrade is weight, I take ages to load my "Welcome to Iphars" article because of the map (or at least i think its that since i dont have such problems on other worlds and they only lack map compared to iphras). And I need to re-do the whole CSS, I don't like it, I've never actually fully liked it, but I don't seem to find how to do it so I like it.

Content wise, I need to delimit what "intelligent" species there are, and make at least a small summary of them (specially for me!). I also have the different continents fairly isolated, there are barely connections between them

And I also need to re-find my love to Iphars. I like writing in it, but I only work in it in summercamp. The concept of it, I love it, but there's something that stops me from writing in it other than summercamp and I wanna find that something and yeet it into the void

That said, I would love to do a brainstom with the chapter for my CSS. Maybe, the input from other people, will help me

AP. - Alenya's Adventures

There's little at the moment I can think of that is needed, but the main things would be a better structure to the world and an introduction article. The focus of this world is Alenya's journal, hence the name of the world, so I need to find a balance between that and the rest of the worldbuilding which is just for fun.

In terms of CSS, I am fairly happy with what I have so far, but I have a few little ideas to make it better which I can work on before SC if I have time.

So, in summary, what I want and need to do is:

  • write a proper introduction article to the world (and not just the game it's based on)
  • sort out categories
  • make little changes to some of the CSS
  • Oh and I should probably name the world too xD As in, the actual world this is all taking place in

    Progress done!

    I have rewritten my world homepage intro and feeling much happier about it, and have tidied up my categories so there are three main ones (Journal, World and Writing Challenges).

    Still to do:

  • make bookcover type things for each main category
  • decide on world name and write an introduction
  • Emy - Etrea

    Etrea needs the core articles finished - so sapient species, and magic, to start with. I also need to sort and hide older, out of date articles. Maybe I need a private archive category because I don't want to delete anything.

    Owen (Oaster) - Nonvyrox & Emore

    My world both have relatively recently been organised and put together, however I think one of the most important things to do for Emore is start adding some content to it so I have a good basis of where I want to go with things. Nonvyrox on the other hand has a really strong base upon which I can build from, though it is clear that there is some editing needed.

    Mostly, I would be intrigued by others what they think I may need, because there is a lot that COULD be done.

    Adcheryl - Terraloga & CSE

    For Terraloga, I think I focus on the Valonia Empire too much. Any other place in the world are rather outdated, missing, or just brief, but since the main generational story is centered around such empire, like the main character, I guess I have to focus it still but with different perspective.

    According to my pledge, I've to update the timeline when the latest conflict has been resolved, ██████████████████████████████, therefore the next generation of characters will continue the main story.

    For C.S.E. however, it's such a mess. It misses a tons of stuffs and most of them are incoherent : History, the people, the factions, even the confederation itself hasn't come out of a draft. It's a sci-fi idea dumps, to be honest.

    I want to finish the confederation article and revise my primer before the Summer Camp.

    Revyera - When the curtain falls

    I guess I have a lot to change in the world (in a very short time) to make it feel ready for the SC. The CSS needs a complete do-over, since I stopped liking it a while ago. I have an idea for a new one and I hope others will like it too when I make it.

    Also, I've finally came up with a theme for the world, one a lot of things are based on, so I should change a lot of the lore to reflect that.

    TheChangeling - Arda Almayed

    Arda Almayed is currently going through some major reworks, so what I'm really in need of is some small scale worldbuilding to help me find the right vibe and energy for my world again. There's a bit of a loss of identity going on so I'm hoping this Summercamp will remediate that!

    Dylon - Dread Romantic & The Void Between

    For Dread Romantic, anything is a plus. No articles were written when I initially planned it. I also need to work on proper article templates to make the css work less of a chore.

    For the Void Between, I do need to fill some plot holes and some prompts may well fit enough to make that happen.

    Past Reflections

    Let's reflect about the past SummerCamp (or competitions if you haven't done SC, or even just worldbuilding!). What did you do these past(s) years that you have learnt from? Is there something you'd like to do different? Something you'd like to experiment for? What tips would you like to share with others that you have learned before?

    Owen (Oaster) - Nonvyrox & Emore

    So, I got Gold last year for Summer Camp. It was one of the best experiences because it allowed me to expand my world infinitely in comparison to what I wanted to achieve and launched me down the rabbit hole of World Anvil. HOWEVER, I got burnt out at the end of it because I left everything too late.

    My main goal is to keep consistent, which will allow me to not only achieve my goal of diamond, but it will keep me going, without burning out. Hence, my aim is to do two articles a day to achieve my double diamond goal, while staying consistent.

    Nonvyrox was my only world last year, this time I have the joys of several possible worlds to work from. Emore is a great chance for me to experiment with a different perspective when writing articles as it is a collection of different documents and writings of a person in the realm. However, I have several other worlds that allow me to develop their content if i wish with different genres and different styles.

    My best tip for others: Don't just kill your darlings, behead them too. If something isn't working, halt it and step back to try something different entirely. However, if something feels like its dragging on, stop there, it doesn't have to be perfect, you can work on things later. Make the best work you can, but don't push yourself too much on each article.

    AP. - Alenya's Adventures

    So far during my World Anvil journey I have only taken part in three of these big events - World Ember '20, Summer Camp '21, and World Ember '22. Most of them have been something of a struggle, either because of Life or mental health, but mostly because I feel my focus was easily lost during these challenges. During World Ember '20 I found myself writing a bunch of articles that didn't really relate to what my goal and purpose was for that world, but I was answering prompts anyway. Summer Camp '21 was similar. Last WE I didn't get a badge, but I am fairly happy with what I wrote during the challenge even if most of it might need a lot of work.

    Working on a world for a game that I have fallen in love with has been a huge help, and has taken a lot of pressure off in terms of what I write during these challenges. This has taught me the importance of having a clear objective for worldbuilding, in particular in terms of themes and general "feel" for a world. But also how important it is to be passionate about the world in which I'm writing and to simply have fun with it.

    I'm still learning a lot about how to approach challenges and prompts (especially if a prompt ends up inspiring me in a completely different way to which I had tried to prep for), but my general tip to folks would be to simply have fun with it and take breaks when you need to. Even if you don't get that badge you were hoping for, if you wrote even one article, that's still progress. Be kind to yourself. <3

    RiverFang - Isekai

    Having been here since 2019, I have not missed a Summer Camp or WorldEmber since. I love these events and have accomplished so much during them, including some of the articles that I am the proudest of.

    I love using these events to squash stubs and fill out parts of the world that tend to get left behind. Last year's SC brought with it key articles that needed to happen that had been ignored in favor of other things in the past.

    My tip to others is something I had to learn the hard way. 1) don't keep writing something if your heart is not in it. If you find yourself starting something for a prompt and later you find it doesn't fill you with joy, then find something that does bring joy. 2) burnout is real and hard to dig out of. Only do what makes you happy and that you enjoy. Don't push yourself for Diamond or 50k words if you know at the end that you won't want to touch your world for weeks or months.

    Emy - Etrea

    Since joining WA 3 years ago, I have taken part in the big events every time. SC and WE 2020 was amazing, but it kind of went downhill from there. I got kind of perfectionist about things. The last 2 WEs I haven't managed to hit 10k, and SC 22 I only managed copper when I got diamond the previous two years. I think it was a mixture of mental health and perfectionism. For this year, I'm going to be happy if I get 300 words worth of notes for each prompt and treat them as stubs+. If I do more than that, like finish an article properly, great. But my goal this year is fun.

    Oops, I forgot tip to others: don't take it over-seriously because you WILL burn out. Nothing you write is concrete and can be changed later.

    Deivi (Callyxtus) - Yeia

    I can't believe this would be my third Summer Camp, and this year despite the exams I'm more hyped than ever!. I think I got copper in 2021 and gold in 2022, something that made me very very happy. For me SC allows me to create articles that, without the prompts, I wouldn't probably think about and this year ones untill now I think will allow me to write about very interesting aspects of my world. This year I would like to experiment with religious texts or the vision common people in Yeia have about religion and power ( based on the themes we have untill now).

    And, about tips. I agree with what River said, don't push yourself. Summer Camp is about creativity, its not a race, if you don't accomplish your goal, that's fine, you've written new articles that perhaps otherwise you would not have written and hopefully you also had fun writing them. And if you achieve or even surpass your main goal that's awesome and very rewarding!. What I try to say with this huge text is, have fun, don't stress, just let your ideas flow, and if you need some guidance about how to approach a prompt I think we could give you some advices or do a little brainstorming.

    Ondo - Black light

    I have a history with burnout and big challenges (SC and WE). I took part in the first Summer Camp and got gold, back when that was the highest badge. In 2019 I took part again, wanting to get to diamond... and I only got silver (and didn't worldbuild again until WorldEmber 2020, over a year later). So after that I kept my goals lower, and in 2021 I got copper and last year silver. This year I'm going for silver again.

    I think the main reason this happened is that I'm a very go-with-the-flow kind of worldbuilder, so following prompts is always a bit of a struggle when they don't particularly inspire me. So my cheese tip, both for myself and others, is to follow your heart and write what you want. Challenge yourself (that's what challenges are about!) but know your limits. I'm optimistic for this year though, especially because of the Wild Card prompts!

    Catoblepon - Iphars

    I've been doing summercamp since 2019 and in all of them, I've also been working in a camping. The work has been always physically and mentally exhausting and I hated it. But, it made me realize of a couple of stuff. This year, I've changed works, and while it is still mentally consuming (code's hard friends), I get to not be physically exhausted, which is a big improvement because the heat already makes me feel like soup. As for tips and reflections:

  • Not enough time, don't try perfecting everything. I always try to make all articles feel completed and have a good structure, but summercamp is a lot of worldbuidling, and --unfortunately-- i don't tend to do so much worldbuilding out of these big events. Thankfully, last year, I was able to make articles for summercamp without caring its apparence and contents too much, didn't let me get to diamond (work felt extra hard last year) but it did manage to get me to silver!

  • Theres a community, use it. WA has an amazing community, they are always eager to help, and you should ask for help if you ever get stuck! Whether its simply in #summercamp-2023 or in smaller groups inside (or outside!) the community, asking help when you are stuck is important. Don't underestimate the power of brainstorming, specially if the people are somewhat familiar with your setting!

  • Progress is progress. At the end of the month, whether you've reached your goal or not, you've already won! If you have written at all, that's more than you had initially, and thus, you are already a winner. We don't need badges to display we progress on our worldbuilding, we need articles.

  • Learn, adapt, improve. As you worldbuild, you learn some things work better for you than others. Don't follow what the others tell you what is the best way, follow what your heart tells you is your way! That say, there's a lot of people in the community with experience that still can offer some very good tips, specially towards burnout. And, while talking about burnout, if your way of doing things lead you to burnout, rethink it, change it, adapt it. Burnout is not fun and shouldn't be underestimated.

  • Worldbuilding last minute? I know that some people work better under pressure, one of my friends tend to do all challenges last minute and tends to regret it, yet he still do it. While it might work on you, you have to take into account that life won't necessarily agree with your plans of doing all summercamp the last weeked or so. If you can, don't leave it all for the end, it is more probable to burn you out and leaving you with a feeling that your content isn't good or isn't up to your standard.
  • Adcheryl - Terraloga & CSE

    I never missed Summer Camp since I joined WA in 2019. It make me want to explore my own work that I'd never thought to explain, despite the fact that July was always the most chaotic month in my life. I was having fun but burnt out so easily. I always find myself worldbuilding at the last minutes which was exhausted, and as a result I always missed my desired goal by one badge. For this year, I want to make sure each prompts only reach a bare minimum, not make it too fancy until I completed the week's theme or have free time to polish.

    The best thing I've learnt from Summer Camp is that I don't have to make it perfect on arrival. As the perfectionist, I worry about the content all the time whatever if mines is good enough to show. Keep doing this and I will finish nothing.

    In fact, some articles I took months to plan might not always have good result as that one I rushed in 10 minutes. So every time I think it's take too long to make or feeling not good enough I'd say "screw it" and publish it anyway. If it wasn't my final revision, I can fix it later.

    For my own tips to shares are

  • If you have language barrier, you don't need to make it sound native. If you can tell your own content to the rest of the world that's enough for the worthy article.
  • If the prompts doesn't serve what you want, twist it. Change the perspective. Write in unusual format. You can twist it so hard it become unrecognizable.
  • Know what to write beforehand.
  • Make a catchy article opening.
  • Revyera - When the curtains fall

    I've joined WA on 1st of July of 2018, right when the SC started. Since then, while my writing juices might dwindle between the two great challenges, I always return to participate in them. The last few years I've written about different regions of The Pit of the Call of The Tree, so changing the world for one that seems (at least to me) more limited might be a nice experience.

    The three advices I might offer are like this:

    Don't be afraid to add something weird.

    Sometimes it seems easy to stick to the stuff that might seem normal. But the world is full of stuff that is really weird or unusual that still abide by its laws. Underwater waterfalls, rainbow deserts, the two-colored splitting rivers, star-nosed moles, fungi, quantum mechanics, northern lights. Don't be afraid to add something that's weird and unique to your world.

    Remember to rest

    Forcing yourself isn't going to do any good. Remember to take some breaks. Similarly, there might be days when you really want to write, but nothing comes out. Don't beat yourself over it. Maybe your body needs some rest. Watch something, read something or go out. Sometimes a day (or a few) of rest can restore some of those writing juices or help you to look at your ideas from a new perspective.

    Rubber duck debugging

    In software engineering, rubber duck debugging (or rubberducking) is a method of debugging code by articulating a problem in spoken or written natural language. I've found that sometimes explaining your ideas to someone else or even to yourself out-loud helps me with coming up with some new ideas for stuff I was stuck on, or creating new connections betweem articles. While I don't guarantee that it will work for you, there's nothing wrong with trying it out.

    TheChangeling - Arda Almayed

    My goal for this year is to focus on quantity over quality. Past contests got me so wrapped up in the idea of winning / making pretty articles / etc that I forget the most important, which is to write write write. So my goal is to answer all the prompts (even if I hate my answers), delete everything I didn't like at the end of the month and be happy with the rest!

    Dylon - Dread Romantic & The Void Between

    The last time I did summer camp, I told a story with all prompts and it was a blast. Finding new angles on prompts to make it fit the themes and plot was an awesome puzzle. I want to do this again, but want it to be smaller, simply because 32 articles can be a big ask for readers, who are also trying to complete the prompts.


    Power, Frontiers, Relics, Communications... Very wide themes that give a lot of options to write. But, do you have some articles thoughts that you are specially hyped to write about? Maybe one specific relic in your world? A cool method of communication? Are you stuck on ideas and need a brainstorm? Let's move the cogs of the brain and do a last push to get ready for the camp!

    AP. - Alenya's Adventures

    Relics is still my favourite theme, and I'm looking forward to seeing the prompts for that. In terms of Communication, I only have one thing to write about so far - which is better than none - but I know I need to think of more. Postal harpies are a thing in the game, so will write about them. But I'm not sure about other methods of communication yet

    Emy - Etrea

    You know, I actually have no idea what I want to write, and I don't think anything will pop up until the prompts are released. I think I'm scared I'll get excited to write something and it won't fit any prompts. XD

    Catoblepon - Iphars

    I think, what I might be more hyped to work with, is Power and Relics. Power immediately called my attention and relics initially felt like "meh" but as I was writing about them, I got hyped.

  • With Power im excited to finally (possibly) talk about the magic in Iphars AND because of the location, the brutal forces of nature. Political power I'm not too excited (i don't like politics) but I do wanna try get out of the comfort zone of my worldbuilding

  • With relics its a bit like with power, i wanna talk about relics from the old world and explain how the magic of iphars has changed them (to best or worse)
  • RiverFang - Isekai

    As the themes have come out, I have thought about the areas of Isekai that I really want to invest time into. For Power, I wanted to focus on the tangental things to the countries my husband has been working on lately. For Frontiers, the areas of our Southern Continent that have been neglected since the beginning. Relics drew me to items and cultures and once again all tangental things to those. But Communication...that one might just be the end of my stub squashing.

    I absolutely adore all the themes this year but Communication might just be the most problematic. One of the earliest things we did in our worldbuilding was to outline and write all used languages in the world, which means every time a language prompt comes up, I'm scrambling for a new idea. Our world also has very few technology articles as that has not been our focus, but with the final theme, I may be making more stubs than I'm squashing.

    Adcheryl - Terraloga & CSE

    Relic and Communication are my favorite themes but this time I don't have any new cool concepts to add. All I want to do are to extend my old one.

    For C.S.E., I want to write its seven thousand years history after the birth of confederation. In such large galactic nation, they used the galactic internet system that can send any large data thought space in almost instant, but I don't know what type of media should they send, and how they used them to hold them tight for so long.

    For Terraloga, I want to expend more about one of the dominant religion, and the ancient cars that used the powdered magic crystal for its engine combustion.

    Revyera - When the curtains fall

    I guess, for my little post apocalyptic world, the theme I am most hyped about is the Relic one. There are tons of stuff both powerful and mundane that appear as possible articles when hearing about this theme. Locations that are relics of the old world, remnants of the three great organizations, and few of their survivors, but also older stuff like the pieces of technology described in the Prophecy.

    Even if some topics might stump me in the first week, I hope the later themes might inspire me to write the few things I will miss.

    TheChangeling - Arda Almayed

    I have a fuckton of stubs I'm gonna go through again, and then I'll start dumping some ideas into a big prep article for myself :3

    Owen (Oaster2000) - Nonvyrox & Emore

    Relics, Power, well do I have a thing for you. There's deities in my world. A BUNCH of deities and counting, so I'll have some fun with that in Nonvyrox.

    For Emore I have a lot of opportunities to write about new things, especially since the world is so new. Thankfully there's a basis of things in my Guide. However, if it comes up I'd LOVE to write about some of the ancient relics that link to the Weird and the Eldritch powers that exist. Heck maybe even the different strange communication methods.

    Deivi (Callyxtus) - Yeia

    I'm very hyped for the power and relics themes. Specially the latter. I think that relics are a good source for talking about mythology and religions and their relation with the multiple societies of Yeia.The power on the other hand would helpe me talk about gods, the divine power of kings and emperors, different forms of power projection... etc.

    I've an idea for a relic that is the orb that is on top of the sceptre of the Ikarian emperors that contains the power of thunder and I've one idea for the communication theme that is an encripted code used by the diplomats of the Valian Republic.

    Dylon - Dread Romantic & The Void Between

    I'm hyped. This will be the first time with a clean slate of a world which is always exciting, but the story and ideas are also something I'm excited for. The Magic of the world is nonsense and that will be a fundamental theme going in. How does the sudden appearance of magic force what used to be the modern world to adapt? What kind of things have appeared from it and in response to it. Oh I'm so excited.

    The themes revealed are perfect for what I'm going for. The whole world is a frontier, familiar but obviously altered. With magic as a central theme, power is a no Brainerd, and relics… that one could be a wildcard. We will have to see.


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