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A Shattered Empire - Vardania


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The empire has fallen. Its malevolent tyrant is slain. After centuries of oppression, the Feran people have reclaimed their freedom. The unremarkable farm boy Henrik who lead his people to victory now sits crowned Elder King. The prophetic dream of ages past seems fulfilled. And with his friends and allies by his side, the Young Falcon stands poised to lead the continent into a golden age.   This is where the tale would end. With the hero successful and the villains vanquished. A tale heard a thousand times. Reality is however seldom as wholesome or forgiving...   Ill-prepared to govern by a life spent either as farmer or warrior, the young ruler sees himself swept away in a torrent of ambition. Torn between powerful nobles with ancient grudges and an overzealous church ever suspicious of this foretold savior, Henrik finds himself with but a few allies and even fewer friends. And while the Young Falcon struggles for his throne the lands of Vardania have fallen into chaos...   Across the Reach, domains are carved out of the remains of empire as Feran lords reclaim long lost lands. Bandits, mercenaries and cultists ravage the countryside. Many cities and provinces have been left to their own devices, as imperial authority has vanished across the continent. The Western Provinces have become the home of warlords, imperial and barbarian alike, fighting over the last scraps of Tarquinnian wealth as they drown the land in an endless tide of war. And from the far north, beyond the endless marshes, chilling winds begin to blow...