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A Shattered Empire - Vardania

01.01.3333 DA

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The Year is 3333 of the Dawn Age, and Vardania is reeling from the fall of a once invincible Empire. Chaos reigns. Opportunity abounds. And two men are ready to change the course of history.   Henrik Andrael is a king born of prophecy. Born a nobody, raised a peasant and forged by war, he stands ready to guide his people into a bright future. But prophecy is a fickle thing, and a peasant boy seems ill-prepared to weather a world of politics, faith and treachery.   Adeon Vargan is a man broken by the world. Once the right hand of the emperor, the feared general now huddles in a far-off corner of Vardania, desperately clutching to all that remains of his glorious nation. A nation he will do everything to keep alive. Or die trying.   But both of them are just the newest players in an ancient struggle between two peoples. Ferans and Vardanians are locked in a deadly duel for supremacy, a twisted dance that has lasted millennia and trampled millions into dust. And although it seems like the Ferans have at last triumphed, their victory is hollow, their reign brittle.   For Vardania is a terrible mistress. Equal in her love for misery and happiness. Heavy with ancient blood and mystery. Vardania is a story. One I wish to tell.