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Summer Camp 2023 pledge

It's that time of the year again! I'm super excited for this year's challenge, as it comes in a moment when I'm already thinking about a new area of my universe—so it's perfect!   Last year I went for silver, so I'll keep the same goal this year, and for the same reasons. I have a difficult time with prompts in general, so aiming higher than that might end up with me burning out in the end. It's happened before, and I don't want it to happen again! However, if next month I feel like I can get to Gold or even Diamond, I'll welcome the inspiration and go for it.   With all of that said...  
My goal for July is to lay out the foundations of Earth (alternate history), a still unexplored area of my universe. I won't do it just for the badges, but I will try to challenge myself so long as it doesn't affect my mental health.
  And this is my pledge certificate!  


1. Power

Here are some thoughts on power in my world!
  • Political power: Europe (the focus) is dominated by several powerful countries, such as the Mediterranean Crown and the Roman Empire. There's a lot of intrigue and shenanigans that can happen between and within countries!
  • Personal power: other than political leaders and monarchs, there are also those who wield the arcane powers. They are called arcanurgists and while they are relatively rare, their actions have a strong impact on the world at large.

2. Frontier

  • The area of focus for my worldbuilding on Earth is Europe, especially the Mediterranean Crown. This means that territories far away from this country can be considered frontiers—after all, the concept of "frontier" is highly subjective and depends on which society you take as reference! Within the Mediterranean Crown, territories that are far away (geographically or culturally) from Barcelona, the capital city, could be considered frontiers as well. The primary example is the Kingdom of Carthage (northern Africa), as well as the Province of the Mediterranean Balkans (the easternmost region of the Crown). For other European countries, such as France or the UK, their colonies would be considered frontiers, but they are not an area of focus here.
  • But even with a more local scope, there are frontiers everywhere! Within the Principality of Catalonia (which contains the capital of the Crown and, therefore, is overall the most powerful region), areas far away from the capital receive less attention. Politically, while most regions within Catalonia are now constituted as vegueries, some of them are still constituted as counties, which have a larger degree of autonomy. To the eyes of the capital, these regions are starting to become anachronistic, so they could be considered frontiers as well.

3. Relics

  • If you got teleported to my version of Earth, the first thing you'd notice would be... well, probably it would be the super-cool magic steampunk aesthetic. But the second thing would be the huge statues that can be seen everywhere on the surface (and underwater) of the planet. Most of them are somewhere between 100 and 300 meters tall (although some are taller and some shorter), and they represent mythological creatures. In Europe, they tend to especially represent characters from Greek or Norse mythology, although some statues haven't been identified. There is a lot of mystery surrounding these statues—mostly because I haven't figured much about them yet :P But they are ancient, so this theme might help!

4. Communication

  • Communication includes language, and I love languages, so I love this theme! :D
  • That out of the way, I've been thinking a lot about this theme for my world. My version of Earth doesn't have instant long-range communication yet other than some magical means, but magic is rare enough that mundane means of communication are still needed.
  • I love the beacons between Rohan and Gondor (specifically how they are portrayed in the movies), so I want a similar thing for my world! Of course the beacons are inspired by real-world methods of communication—my grandparents' hometown had a "telegraph tower", which was actually part of a line of old towers that used lights to send messages at long distances (nothing to do with an actual telegraph).


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4 Jun, 2023 12:04

Gooood luuuuck! :DD Can't wait to see what you write!

I hope you have a great day!   Check out my Treasured Companions Challenge Entry!
6 Jun, 2023 07:41

Thaaaaank youuuu! Can't wait either :grabby hands:

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
5 Jun, 2023 18:31

Good luck! Silver is a great goal! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
6 Jun, 2023 07:42

Thank you! Good luck to you too! :D

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
6 Jun, 2023 12:22

Good luck with SC!

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7 Jun, 2023 17:55

Silver is an excellent goal to work towards!! What kind of prompts are you hoping to see once they're revealed? :D

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
7 Jun, 2023 18:21

Wanting an early preview of the prompts, huh? Not gonna get them that easily! :P   But if I didn't know the prompts already, my answer would be a language (or code, bonus points if secret code) and something related to magic/cosmology (they're the same in my world)! These are my favorite things to write about.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
9 Jun, 2023 14:19

oi that was not my intention! xD hahaha Yusss language articles are really cool!! I'm hoping for some geography & species prompts maybe relating to the balance of ecosystems so I can expand the new area of my world I'm working on :D   I'm excited to wait & see! I hope you get an opportunity to delve into languages, too (but if not..... THERE'S ALWAYS WORLDEMBER >:D )

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
12 Jun, 2023 13:27

Ahoy! Best of luck for Summercamp, I hope the prompts are very inspiring for you. Its always good to keep an eye on how challenges are affecting us, and also how much they're actually benefiting us to! It seems like you've got your eye on a very healthy balance there, which is great!   I hope the power prompts can be bended to talk about magic (from the looks of things so far, it seems like they might be very flexible), I find it is always quite fun to expand more on how magic works in words. I hope you can write about the arcanurgists and how their abilities change things in the world :)   It also seems like you have potentially a lot to say on Frontiers (dare I say it seems to potentially match your current worldbuilding ambitions?), which is brilliant! I hope you have fun with it.   All the best,

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
12 Jun, 2023 15:25

Thanks for reading and the good wishes! I'm actually more excited about Power than about Frontiers—the reason I wrote more about Frontiers is that I'm confident about being able to write about Power-related prompts, but not so much about Frontiers. So babbling about it for a bit longer helped me figure out some things haha   Good luck to you too!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
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